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ALERT OP-ED: Do You Really Trust God if You Wear Facemasks for Coronavirus Protection?

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

If you wear face masks for protection from the rona, then please don't tell me you trust God. I will see right through it, and that reflects badly on you.

Because the Holy Bible says that the Lord will pass over and protect His people from pestilences and plagues like He protected David in Israel and the Israelites in Egypt (Exodus 12, Psalms 91:3).

Who imagined that peer pressure, fake news, fear-mongering, unreliable death-from-the virus counts and medical tyranny would lead people to wear face masks? And, that many Christians would willingly comply?

Some people, like Alex Jones had warned about a biological weapon being dropped on the unsuspecting masses. But not even the most adept prognosticators could have imagined the number of people scared out of their minds into wearing face masks.

People try hiding their fears by saying they are protecting others. Some freely admit that they don't trust where someone else has been.

My question to people is, "When do you stop wearing masks?"

Because the virus is the new flu, new H-I-V and the new AIDS - a daily, yearly thing now - at the least the recommendations for vaccines are. Vaccines that a lot of people will have to pay out of pocket for, starting in May 2023 when the emergency declaration ends.

You can't honestly declare that you fully trust Almighty God the Holy savior if you wear a face mask to protect you from the rona man-made virus.

Pestilence lurks in dark places, but I don't fear no evil. Destruction walks with smiling faces but I walk through the valley of the shadow of death with the Lord protecting me (See Psalms 23).

I'm not "good without God," unlike Dr. Fauci and his fans at the American Humanist Association.

Even if I die from being hit by a car while walking a human trail through the woods, counted as Covid-19, I'd rather die trusting in the Holy Savior than following atheists into face-maskery misery and fashion.

Now, Whatever happened to living by the Holy Bible's declaration: "No weapon formed against me shall prosper?" I guess you forgot about that, being terrified.

Maybe some people were misled into believing that the virus occurred naturally but then where is nature's proof? You have to give me more than just "trust the science."

No Excuse. I know you don't trust God. You even clothe your kids with face masks so they inhale their own breath designed to be breathed out. The Lord did not birth you with face Masks.

God does not make mistakes. If the Rona was all that and a bag of bananas, Adam would have been created without nostrils and lips.

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