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ALERT: This is How Close the World is to Armageddon, According to the UN's Leader Antonio Gutteres

The world is 90 seconds to midnight close to self-destruction, according to UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres.

He cited "doomsday" scientists who recently moved the atomic clock aka the "Doomsday clock" to its current setting - marking the closest it has ever been to the Armageddon war.

The clock is symbolic and measures humanities closeness to wiping itself out. Albert Einstein helped to invent it in 1947 - two years after the first atomic bombs unleashed hellfire on Japan's Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In 2023, the Atomic clock now includes global warming as well as the threat of nuclear war for measures of humanities closeness to "doomsday."

For Christians doomsday is called the Day of the Lord, Armageddon, Judgement Day and the Valley of Decision (Joel 2-3; 2 Peter 3; Rev. 14:13-20).

Mr. Gutteres decided to say to the UN General Assembly on Monday that the global community is spiraling to a war wider than Russia-Ukraine. In other words, World War 3 headlined by Russia, China and the USA (the Eagle).

See Revelation 12-13.

Symbolizing the Bear and the Dragon, Russia and China are allies. Iran and North Korea also tend to align with Moscow and allegedly have aspirations to manufacture nuclear arsenals.

The NATO alliance is led by the USA and includes many European nations.

Israel has aligned with the Eagle for decades. And Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to normalize peaceful ties under the radar with Saudia Arabia, Iran's enemy.

"The prospects for peace keep diminishing. The chances of further escalation and bloodshed keep growing," Gutteres lamented.

He also lambasted and bemoaned the "immoral" decay of international law and order as the UN's principles dictate:

"if every country fulfilled its obligations under the [UN] Charter, the right to peace would be guaranteed," he said, while using the clock's updated setting to exhort UN members:

"transform our approach to peace by recommitting to the charter - putting human rights and dignity first, with prevention at the heart."

Gutteres spoke after NATO allies announced their intent to send modern war tanks, more munitions and also to train Ukraine's pilots.

Russia has repeatedly warned that NATO's continued weapons supplies to Ukraine might spark a conflict between Moscow and NATO nations.

The Holy Bible prophesies that the Lord will gather all nations to a place called Armageddon in Israel; where he will defeat the large-scale invasion of Israel and thereafter judge the nations.

A day of rejoicing for Christians.

Christian Commander and Seven Angels Sentinel aim to blow the trumpet to alert you to possible fulfillment of said prophesies.

Your support in helping us to grow into a full time ministry is appreciated.

Long live the Gospel of Jesus Christ!



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