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ALL HAIL JESUS CHRIST: Resurrection Easter inspirational poetry, wake the town and tell the people

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

All Hail Jesus Christ

All hail!

The Resurrected Almighty Lion of Judah

Not to be confused with Allah, pagan Easter or Buddha

All hail the King of Kings, Lord of Lords

The Resurrection and the Light

Not to be differentiated from the Way, the Truth and the Life

Meet the resurrected Lord in Galilee of your mind

Depression is a possession that is wholly thine

The Lord does not depress His faithful, ask Job

Who should have been dead but instead turned bold

Curse the Lord and die, even his wife said

But you cannot kill the Comforter

God within you cannot be dead

The love of God cannot possibly fail

All hail!

The man who bears the healed wounds of crucifixion nails

The Rock of Ages who rose from the stone tomb

conquered death and the grave

alive forever more, returning home soon

So be brave

The Lamb who was slain overcame

So can you

Lift Him up from the earth and draw all people first

Wake the town and tell the people that there is no equal to

the man who wore the crown of thorns

Born righteous King of the Jews

Who was crucified but arose resurrection morn

And now lives within you

Forget about pagan idols and small-case g's

All hail Jesus if you please!

He is risen as he said, the Lord

He struggled to the core

Struggle for him, he suffered for us

Open when he knocks on your door

All hail!

The lamb who lets lets loose the seven seals

The one true God whose resurrection is real

All hail!

The resurrected Lord can work it out

All Hail!

His Gospel's good news without a doubt

All Hail!

Let Him release your spirit from self-jail

All Hail!

Hand your troubles over to the Lord

He will renew you without fail

All Hail!

All Hail!

All Hail!



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