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BREAKING: African family values, Africans are not having the LGBTQ- homosexual Agenda

The overpowering and growing majority of the African continent is standing firm for Christian family values and morality in the face of an unprecedented onslaught of western nations trying to force Africans to copy them on gay rights.

Christians and Muslims abound in Africa and the gay agenda is of course not welcomed by the faithful, even as high-ranking officials from western nations like France and the U.S. try to force the gay agenda on them.

After the Christian-majority East African nation of Uganda passed its Anti-homosexual act 2023 on Monday, many gay agenda advocates have expressed outrage and even threatened the country with economic sanctions.

But Uganda's President Yoweri Musevini has consistently declared that he does not care about losing aid money from the U.S. over his strong Christian values. He is bold in his statements, including his proclamation that Africa must lead the way in saving the world from homosexuality.

Because of the propaganda and vitriol aimed at Uganda since their law passed, many eyes have turned to the whole African continent's focus of overwhelmingly rejecting the globalist, single world government influence when it comes to the gay agenda.

While 32 of the 54 African nations have passed some level of law against homosexuality, South Africa is reportedly the only country on the African continent where gay marriage is legal. But even in the nations where homosexuality has not been penalized by laws, sentiment against the gay life style is in the vast majority of the world's largest continent.

With African population numbers skyrocketing in recent years, the push to expand homosexuality to the continent is seen by many illuminated faithful around the world as nothing more than a globalist attempt to curtail African people's growth by any means necessary.

Notorious globalist, single world government proponent, advocate for population control and legacy eugenicist Bill Gates has ruthlessly carried on his late father's tradition of stopping at nothing to limit Africa's population no matter what the financial cost or burden. Bill Gates Sr. was one of the founding supporters of Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood, and both were high-ranking eugenicist society members.

Orthodox religions in Africa and around the world reject eugenics, homosexuality and population control. Meanwhile, the devil is raging with last days wrath and his minions are currently unleashing all hell on society as the Holy Bible predicted. So the so-called cultural war over gay rights could last until the return of Jesus Christ. Africa appears to be the next prime battle zone.

This is a developing story. Stay firm in the faith, in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and stay in tune with Christian Commander for breaking updates.



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