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BREAKING UPDATE - Boiling tensions reaching nuclear-heat levels between the U.N. and Israel

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Tension between Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the International Atomic Energy Association's chief surfaced this past weekend after remarks from Rafael Grossi, who basically said that attacks against nuclear facilities were against international law.

Netanyahu, who is adamant about Israel potentially leading allied military attacks against Iran's nuclear facilities, took exception.

The exceptional PM began his latest term as Israel's leader in December 2022. He also held the office from 1996 to 1999 and again from 2009 to 2021.

Grossi has been the IAEA's Director General since 2019.

The IAEA was established in 1957, and with its HQ in Vienna, Austria is overseen by both the United Nations General Assembly and the Security Council.

The IAEA's motto is "Atoms for Peace and Development."

The situation between Netanyahu and Rossi developed on Saturday March 4, when after returning from Tehran, Iran, Grossi [pictured above, center] declared, “any military attack on a nuclear facility is outlawed, is out of the normative structures that we all abide by.”

Grossi's remarks came after a reporter asked him about the United States and Israel's threats to attack Iran, if Iran's nuclear program cannot be throttled by negotiations.

This situation only serves to create more animosity and tension between the UN and Israel.

Netanyahu seemed tensed-out by Grossi's comments.

“Rafael Grossi is a worthy person who made an unworthy remark,” he said in response.

“Outlawed by what law?" he continued. "Is Iran, which publicly calls for our extermination, allowed to protect its weapons of destruction that will slaughter us?”

Netanyahu believes attacking Iran's nuclear facilities are perfectly legal in the name of Israel's self defense.

For well over a decade, Iran's leaders have been accused of seeking to eradicate Israel from "off the map." And now Iran is pursuing enriched nuclear technology it claims are for energy purposes.

Many people are skeptical about Iran's intentions: given its past reported statements and actions supporting political and military-styled groups that are hostile to Israel like Hamas and Hezbollah.

The belief is that Iran's nuclear energy pursuits could lead to a nuclear weapons program built for attacking Israel.

With a view to what this means for end times prophecy, the UN could eventually send in its peace-keeping brigades to hold Israel accountable for what it sees as violations of international law, including attacking Iran's nuclear facilities plus the so-called occupation of Palestine.

An invasion of Israel by a single world government-styled international army could fulfill the Holy Bible's prophesies of the battle of Armageddon and the return of Jesus Christ.

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