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BREAKING EMERGENCY INSPIRATION: Free Sunday Fun Day Exhortation Poem "Early One Sunday Morning"

Early one Sunday morning

Early one Sunday morning

Running wild with the wind

Blessings like raindrops pouring

I thanked God plus confessed my sins

Early one Sunday Morning

Ain't worried about Monday at work

Feeling no ways tired I'm roaring

Sweat of my brown going bonkers way past berserk

Early one Sunday Morning

Dotted eyes and crossed tees

Ain't scared of nothing

Working hard, feeling free

Early one Sunday morning

Red, gold and green plus blue sky

Silver clouds dispersed by the blink of God's eye

Early one Sunday morning

Oh happy day

Jesus can work it out if you let Him

Ask Him to help fight your fears when you pray

Early one Sunday morning

Going up yonder to see my balm

He who sends the breeze from His open palm

Waves his hand, exhales and sends a calm

only to calm it

He who raised the psalmists

Early one Sunday morning

Proverbs floats my wisdom farther

Kept my head to the sky way

Feet to the foundation of faith in the Father

Can't stop reading a Bible chapter a day

Early one Sunday morning

Sunshine, no clouds, green trees

Loud with natural nature's Godspeed

JAH providing my wants and needs

Early one Sunday morning

Called Him up through the storming

Raised by God, disciplined now grown

God bless the child who got His own

Early one Sunday Morning



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