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Who is a liar but he that denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denies the Father and the Son (1 John 2:22).

Did you know that a non-fiction book - first published around 1940 by its then-famous super star writer H.G. Wells - clearly outlined how the collective single world government now upon us could be designed, configured, deployed and maintained?

You did not?

guess the book's title: The New World Order.

This was before the United Nations charter was organized under the guidance of an American-born secret communist and convicted spy for the Soviet Union: Alger Hiss.

He just happened to be Secretary General of the San Francisco Conference that organized the United Nations.

I don't believe that it was by coincidence that H.G. Wells was an open American national atheist and communist.

Who is a liar but he that denies that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denies the Father and the Son (1 John 2:22).

to quote two famous American national philosophers: Popeye the sailor man and James Brown, the godfather of fundamental funk:

"Shiver me timbers. Blow me down. Jump back. Want to kiss myself."

The fundamental philosophy of Wells' book is what he called “collectivism” - the term used in the League of Nations and pre-World War II era, before "New World Order" became the buzz word.

Collectivism was used by world leaders to describe the world's governments uniting in the name of "international peace."

Peace in the name of war, confusion, chaos and masquerading as an angel of light.

Sounds like devilism to me.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments.


In New World Order, Wells wrote:

"There will be no day of days then when a new world order comes into being. Step by step and here and there it will arrive, and even as it comes into being it will develop fresh perspectives, discover unsuspected problems and go on to new adventures. "

"No man, no group of men, will ever be singled out as its father or founder."

"For its maker will be not this man nor that man nor any man but Man, that being who is in some measure in every one of us. World order will be, like science, like most inventions, a social product, an innumerable number of personalities will have lived fine lives, pouring their best into the collective achievement. "


He is literally, Mr. New World Order.

Wells was a very famous atheist and socialist writer who was born in Bromley, Kent, England in 1866.

He was more known for his novels such as The Island of Dr. Moreau, The Invisible Man and War of the Worlds—all three written in the 1890’s.

Mr. Wells was a a favorite of Winston Churchill and a friend to history’s elite Communists like Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin.

Above left: Friends H.G. Wells and Soviet Union leader Vladimir Lenin in 1939 during Wells’ last visit to Moscow.

During WWI, from 1914-1918, Wells was a lead writer for the British War Propaganda Bureau (aka, Wellington House).

He was also influential in the failed League of Nations that was established after WWI. The League was designed to bring world governments together under one roof in order to prevent future wars.

But WWII helped bring the demise of the League of Nations because the League did virtually nothing to prevent Italy’s invasion of Ethiopia in 1935: led by Benito Mussolini and blessed by Pope Pius XII.

Ethiopia was then a Christian Empire: one of, if not the world’s first.

Emperor Haile Selassie dressed-down the world’s leaders in an appearance at the League while in exile during the Italian invasion.

The Ethiopians and the United Kingdom drove the Italian forces Italy out of Ethiopia in the early 1940’s.

Around the same time WWII began, Wells’ New World Order was published first as a serial then as a full work.

Wells’ 1940-released book, Rights of Man, greatly influenced both The United Nations’ 1948 “Declaration of Human Rights” and the UN charter: both implemented after he died in August 1946.

Wells believed Communist Socialism was the unavoidable future control of mankind under a common control, as he wrote in New World Order:

"Collectivization means the handling of the common affairs of mankind by a common control responsible to the whole community. It means the suppression of go-as-you-please in social and economic affairs just as much as in international affairs."

"It means the frank abolition of profit-seeking and of every device by which human beings contrive to be parasitic on their fellow man. It is the practical realization of the brotherhood of man through a common control."

Modern Christian minds can help spread the gospel and put the pieces of the global government’s evolution together.

Combined with the book of Revelation and historical sources on topics such as WWI, the League of Nations, WWII and the United Nations, atheist-socialist Wells’ New World Order is a source of enlightenment on globalism’s march into the lake of fire.

Don't go marching into the single world government with the devil's disciples.

The saints will go marching into the Kingdom of Heaven. Won't you join us?

Ask the Lord Jesus to come into your life, to save you from the wrath to come, to grant you everlasting life as one of His believers.

The Lord will help you if you truly believe in Him and His Gospel. He was crucified for the remission of the world's sins. He died, was buried and arose on the third day in a miracle resurrection.

Resurrect your life today and serve the Lord.

Long live the Gospel of Jesus Christ!



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