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Breaking News: Benjamin Netanyahu says he returned to government to ensure Iran does not go nuclear

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told an Iranian news outlet that he would do "everything possible to prevent" the Islamic Republic of Iran from becoming a nuclear state.

“I came back into government precisely to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear state,” he said during an interview conducted last Wednesday with Iran International.

Also last Wednesday, United States Ambassador Laura S.H. Holgate released a statement at the International Atomic Energy Agency's Board of Governor's meeting, expressing concern and alarm about Iran's nuclear uranium enrichment path:

"With respect to the detected particles of uranium enriched to 83.7 percent, all Board members should be gravely concerned by this alarming development. Iran must provide full and immediate cooperation with the IAEA to clarify what happened and facilitate all appropriate verification and monitoring measures deemed necessary by the Agency so that any future occurrence is promptly detected. Iran must ensure that such an incident never occurs again."

So, Iran's Islamic regime based in Tehran is at about 84% purity in its uranium enrichment process, according to those in the know.

A 90% purity level is needed to produce nuclear bombs.

The situation of Tehran's nuclear program is “the quintessential heart of my foreign policy,” Netanyahu revealed.

He also expressed the view that a future Iran, free of its Islamic leaders, will enjoy friendly relations with the Jewish people of Israel.

Netanyahu also declared during his interview that the Islamic regime is “the common enemy” of the Iranian people, Israel, and the world, reasoning that the ongoing protests in Iran “have unmasked” the regime.

The world is watching to find out what will happen in this ongoing story.

If Iran does reach 90% purity in its uranium enrichment, then what will Israel do about it, exactly?

The first likely action would be an an air strike tasked to dismantle the uranium facilities.

Secondly, Israel could declare war against Iran.

If that happens then the world moves even closer to WWIII, the prophetic battle of Armageddon and the return of Jesus Christ.





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