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BREAKING OP-ED: LGBTQ is Learning that Christians cannot be bullied into going against God's Will

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Advocates of homosexuality worldwide are coming to the realization that those who are really Christians will not be bullied, shamed, ruled, ordered, mandated or legislated into going against God's will or moral standards.

We can, have and shall overcome all such wicked attempts.

During the Civil Rights Era, while other religions largely watched from the sidelines in America, Christians were at the vanguard of any religious coalitions that may have existed to produce the greatest over-comings for the greatest societal changes in American civil rights and perhaps world history.

Today, true Christians are staying true to our 2000-years old reputation of overcoming ghastly evil, being as bold as lions, righteously standing and not backing down against anyone - homosexuals included.

Real Christians simply cannot, as a collective, be persecuted into corporate submission to spiritual wickedness.

Reference the ancient Roman Empire under the numerous Caesars like Nero and Trajan who persecuted the early Church - unwittingly helping to build Christianity's well-deserved and gallant reputation for being the most unwaveringly faithful to God collective that the world has ever known.

Anti-Christian paganism and the nobility's homosexual endeavors were, by the way, notoriously rampant among the ancient Romans unfortunately.

Now, fortunately Christians are again standing at the vanguard of religions - this time at the helm of the protests to end homosexuality curriculums in America's educational systems.

For example, in March, the Montgomery County Public school system revised its parental notification policy, which meant that parents were no longer informed in advance of the books being read in class. And opting out of lessons was not allowed anymore.

"I was in awe – about 250 Muslim parents were united with fellow parents from the Christian and Jewish community to take a philosophical stand protecting parental rights in America," said Muslim journalist Asra Nomani, who attended the rally following a school board meeting in Rockville, Maryland.

"When you have a common enemy of people who are coming after your children, you unite," Nomani continued. "This is a united interfaith effort that I felt really good about," she added.

We know that Christianity is one faith that cannot be killed, reversed, destroyed, submitted or turned back.

Onward Christian soldiers!



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