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BREAKING OP-ED: What would Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X say about the LGTBQ agenda?

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

If they were alive today, both Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X would condemn the perverted LGBTQ lifestyle and agenda that has become so pervasive in the United States. The two icons worshiped different gods but they shared religious morals that prohibit homosexuality.

They would vigorously declare the ungodly push for indoctrinating school children into gay culture both perverted and satanic. Thus, insufferable and intolerable for those who have Christian ethics.

There is no sugar-coating it. The advisors around Dr. King and Malcolm would have not tolerated having homosexuals in their midst, as evidence by the openly gay Bayard Rusting being politely asked to leave Dr. King's organization.

Both King and Malcolm X were organized in their personal and professional lives, married to women who had their children by natural birth. The two leaders would have obviously thought it outlandish that a man could legally marry another man, and a woman can marry another woman.

The two leaders from the 1950's and 60's beliefs are not outdated.

The Holy Bible says that there is nothing new under the sun. So, the gay agenda is nothing new, it's just in our faces like never before because of television and the internet.

The ancient cities Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed and permanently removed from the face of God by way of brimstone and fire, because of their homosexuality that was exposed by two angels who were paying a visitation to Lot, Abraham's nephew.

History is known to repeat itself a lot, and unless there is repentance, the brimstone and fire will be raining down on the modern sodomites, permanently destroying and removing them from the face of the earth.

Neither Martin Luther King, Jr. nor Malcolm X would support the bullying, harassment and forced acceptance of what is ungodly on the face of the earth. Both men stood for Godly family values. Their children did likewise.

But in their like-minded spirits, the rapidly rising faith-based movement against homosexuality that is happening right now is unprecedented, because these are unprecedented times. Christian-styled family values have been ruthlessly attacked, yet are making a huge comeback all around the world - like Christianity has done time after time.

Christians walked through the KKK, Bull Connor, police dogs, water hoses, church bombings, mass arrests, bloody beatings with sticks and stones. nothing but an assassin's bullet turned back Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Christian leadership. If he were alive today, him and Malcolm would definitely fight to overcome the bullying of the LGBTQ.



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