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BREAKING: Unwavering UK Christian teacher fired for fighting LGBT agenda at son's school wins appeal

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Kristie Higgs, a Christian mother of two, was fired from her position as a pastoral assistant at the Farmor's School in Fairford, Gloucestershire, England in 2019 after raising concerns on her private social media page about sex education for children. (Christian Concern)

Christian parents should "have the freedom to bring their children up in line with their Christian beliefs. I want young children to be protected from transgender ideology and Christians must also be able to share their opinions and beliefs without fear of losing their jobs."

Those are the words of Kristie Higgs who won an appeal last Friday after a judge overturned a previous ruling upholding her dismissal from a Church of England primary school in 2019.

An anonymous person had reported her social media posts criticizing LGBTQ content in schools.

Higgs is a UK assistant teacher who said she was fired from her job as a teaching assistant at the Church of England's Farmor's School in Fairford, Gloucestershire, England because of her stance taken on social media against the school's LGTBQ-laced curriculum.


Primary school age children who will be taught that "all relationships are equally valid and ‘normal', so that same-sex marriage is exactly the same as traditional marriage, and that gender is a matter of choice, not biology, so that it's up to them what sex they are."

Though her son's school claims the contrary, Higgs maintains her firing was an attack on her Christian faith.

"From the beginning, despite the many attempts by the school to suggest otherwise, this has always been about my Christian beliefs and me being discriminated against for expressing them in my own time," she said, according to BBC News.

The Church of England has been rapidly losing members since being exposed for its woke culture and anti-Christian theology masquerading as orthodox faith in Jesus Christ.

"They're reflecting the culture," Andrea Williams, chief executive of the London-based nonprofit Christian Legal Centre, told Fox News Digital.

"So in order to be in step with the culture, they're looking to appease the culture instead of looking to what the Bible says and to what the church should be saying," she continued.

Higgs' case is a prime example.

A November 2022 report revealed that multiple COE bishops approve of and have been conducting same-sex marriages. So much so that the practice is now a big part of the Church's "Christianity" - a clear sign that the Church is no longer following the Holy Bible which is the Word of God.

According to the BBC, Higgs' case will now head back for a fresh tribunal.

"I am pleased that the courts have overturned the previous judgment, but I am frustrated by the further delays to receiving justice," she said of the decision.

"I was, and still am, appalled by the sexual ideology that was being introduced to my son's Church of England primary school…"

"Since I lost the job I loved, there has been so many disturbing revelations about transgender ideology in schools and children being taught inappropriate sex education. I feel so justified and vindicated for sharing and expressing the concerns that I did."



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