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Christianity 101 Free Lesson: The real tea or truth about the basics of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The real tea or truth on The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the good news that the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ offers eternal life to anyone who believes in Him (John 3:16).

This is what Paul wrote in the Holy Bible's book of Romans:

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth…(Romans 1:16-King James Version).

The word "gospel" as used by Paul in the Holy Bible means “good news that causes joy or gladness" (1 Corinthians 15).

Jesus was born into the world as the only begotten Son of God in order to sacrifice His life for the remission of the believing world’s sins. Part of the good news is that He was resurrected three days after dying on the cross of crucifixion, and is now alive forever more.

Here are the major points of the Gospel of Jesus Christ:

  • Almighty God the Creator mercifully and graciously entered the human world, born as Jesus Christ the Messiah, to serve as a one-time sacrifice for the remission of his believer's sins

  • Baby Jesus was sought, found in Bethlehem and worshiped as the Messiah by the "three wise men"

  • He was willingly crucified by having His hands and feet* nailed to a cross after being falsely accused of blasphemy by the Jewish leaders - a charge punishable by death under their religious law

  • He died on the cross of crucifixion

  • He was buried in a brand new tomb covered up by a huge stone

  • He was resurrected and arose from the dead after three days, as He said He would

  • He appeared to over 5,000 people after He was resurrected

  • He instructed His disciples to preach, spread His teaching and Gospel all over the world

  • He ascended into Heaven and provided the gift of the Holy Spirit as a comforter and helper to His people for strengthening our faith, obedience, boldness, righteousness, renewing, enlightenment, teaching, guidance, remembrance, love, hope, joy, peace, liberty from fear and doubt, etc.

  • He mercifully and gracefully answers the prayers of His believers, according to His will and what is good for us to aid our struggles

  • He will return to earth and establish the everlasting kingdom of God

Now, Jesus was not guilty of blasphemy because he was telling the truth about Himself. Yet, the Roman Empire's local governor in Israel, Pontius Pilate, approved Jesus's crucifixion at the behest of some of the Jewish leadership council's senior-ranking members who took exception to the fact that He claimed to be not only the Son of God, but Almighty God as well.

Jesus could have stopped His crucifixion by sending a legion of angels to minister unto Him, but He had prophesy to fulfill. So He obeyed God the Father's will and sacrificed His own life in blood, similarly to how Old Testament oxen, sheep and bulls were slaughtered by the Israelite priests as offerings to God, sometimes to atone for the people's sins.

Jesus died for our salvation, to give all of the human world the chance to be saved from our sins. The risen Lord resurrected himself from the dead after three days in the tomb, like he promised.

Then he was seen by Mary Magdalene, His 11 remaining disciples and many other witnesses before he ascended into heaven.

In doing so, He proved that Almighty God is able to appear in different forms, because Jesus appeared to His disciples and some of His followers who did not recognize Him at first. Thomas even doubted that it was Jesus until he saw the healed wounds in His palm and side.

One Time Sacrifice

From the days of Moses to the birth of Christ, the Jewish people's chief priests offered animal sacrifices to the Lord to atone for the people’s sins and for other reasons like to celebrate the Passover.

In the Old Testament, some of the Jewish religious ceremonies and rituals occurred during specific dates every year like the Day of Atonement.

It is good news that Jesus Christ, who is the king of chief priests, died as a one-time sacrifice for the atonement of the world's sins.

It is good news that Jesus had to die only once, as opposed to the many animal sacrifice ceremonies and rituals carried out by the clergy.

It is good news that Jesus Christ arose from the dead after three days.

The risen Christ thereby reversed humankind's eternal death penalty that resulted from Adam and Eve's Original sin of disobeying God - the two of them being led astray by the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

The Resurrection of the Dead to Eternal Life

God's gracious gift of eternal life and his merciful forgiveness of our sins tie-in with the miracle known as the resurrection of the dead who believe in him.

When Jesus returns to earth, all true and faithful Christians who have died will be resurrected and given new bodies that will live forever.

We will live with Jesus the risen and returned King of Kings in His everlasting kingdom, along with His faithful since the Creation up to Christians alive on earth when He returns.

The heartbeat of the gospel is the central truth that Almighty God Jesus saved and redeemed His believers from the punishment of eternal torment in the lake of fire, where Satan and his followers will be.

Long live the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

*Psalms 22:16-King James Version



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