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CHRISTIANS MUST FIGHT BACK! We are under attack from powers of darkness in spiritual warfare

Christians who are walking with the Holy Spirit have to learn how to fight back against the powers of darkness that seek to subdue us and stop our going forward in the Lord. God is the Light of our lives, our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

We are in a spiritual war against the unseen powers of darkness, physically and mentally manifested in many ways. We do not fight against flesh and blood, but against spiritual wickedness and the unseen powers of darkness.

When we move forward in the Spirit, in the ways of the Lord, evil powers try to attack us. This comes with the territory. We need to acknowledge and understand that we are in a war. We need to come to this realization, go on the offensive and rely on God through our fiery trials.

If you are experiencing something new, advancing in a call from God, trust Him and work through it. There will be resistance. Expect it and keep going forward against our opponents like a jet fighter pilot in a dogfight.

Supernatural people in the Holy Bible faced opposition from the powers of darkness and overcame them with by seeking God. For example, King David was attacked by the Philistines as soon as they heard he was anointed king.

How did he respond? He relied on His strong fortress: Almighty God. And heeding the Holy Spirit, he defeated the powers of darkness in the form of the Philistines - not the first time he had done so. Remember, he was a giant slayer who had beheaded Goliath.

The enemy of God wants us to give up, quit, stop moving forward in God. So keep pressing through with prayer, heeding the Spirit and taking appropriate actions.

After Jesus was supernaturally anointed and declared the Son of God, John the Baptist saw the Holy Spirit descend upon Him in the form of a dove. Jesus was led immediately into the wilderness, where the powers of darkness attacked Him and tried to stop His going forward in the Lord.

Like Jesus, these tests will prove in you what God has done with your call. He will give you character, roots and the ability to make the Devil flee. The spiritual war is ongoing, like it was for King David from his boyhood anointing to his kingship.

Fight back, ye warriors of the Lord!



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