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Copy of BREAKING: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will visit China the Red Dragon

BEIJING, CHINA - MAY 06: Chinese President Xi Jinping (Left) accompanies Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Right) to view an honour guard during a welcoming ceremony outside the Great Hall of the People on May 6, 2013 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images)

It was announced on Friday that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will touch down in China next week, after an invite came directly from China's President Xi Jinping, the Foreign Ministry in Beijing said in an official release by spokesperson Hua Chunying:

At the invitation of President Xi Jinping, President of the state of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas will pay a state visit to China from June 13 to 16.”

The Christian world is paying attention to this latest sign that the Holy Bible-predicted peace deal between Israel and Palestine is on the way, at least according to scholarly interpretations of what is known as Daniel's 70 Weeks Prophecy (Daniel 9:24-27).

China has long since announced its determination to sponsor Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. The latest declaration came from Foreign Minister Qin Gang last April after his separate conversations with Israeli and Palestinian officials.

Qin backed “steps to resume peace talks” during a phone call with Israel’s foreign minister, Eli Cohen, the Xinhua news agency said, adding that “China is ready to provide convenience for this.”

The rising Chinese diplomat also made similar calls for peace talks in a discussion with the Palestinian foreign minister Riyad al-Maliki, Xinhua reported.

In both discussions Qin stated that China’s platform for peace negotiations is based on the “two-state solution” to the Israeli Palestinian conflict, Xinhua said.

Beijing’s efforts to establish the resumption of talks between Israel and Palestine comes as China further focuses its foreign policy on brokering a plethora of regional disputes.

Since Xi came to power in 2012, China has made strong efforts to grow its reputation as a conflict-resolver for nation states including Bangladesh, Syria, Afghanistan, Ukraine and Russia to name a few.

In March of this year, Beijing brokered a tentative deal for renewed ties between regional enemies Iran and Saudi Arabia which are the chief sponsors of opposite sides in the deadly and long-running Yemen Civil War.

And with that power move, China injected itself into a political theater where the U.S. has been acting as the greatest diplomacy influence for decades. But that act seems to be winding to a close as the Red Dragon starts its show (Revelation 12).

With Abbas' visit, China must now be viewed as the leading candidate for a potential mediator nation to host Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.



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