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Don't Make It Personal: Colorado State vs. Colorado 2023 Is Now For All of the Prime Buffaloes Chips

BOULDER, Colo. (CC) - Don't take it personal. It's just one of those days that a coach goes through when he is angry inside.

That is what Colorado State head football coach Jay Norvell tried to tell Coach "Prime Time" Deion Sanders after stepping deep into some Buffaloes chips before their prime time matchup on Saturday night.

Evidently talking about Coach Prime on Wednesday, Norvell said this:

"We had to do a bunch of ESPN videos. And it’s great. I loved it. But our kids came out of those videos really with a chip on their shoulder," Norvell said Wednesday on his weekly radio show. "They’re tired of all that stuff. They really are tired of it."

Prime's Colorado football team is not your little sister's Buffaloes. These Buffs have chips on their shoulders placed there by Coach Prime.

Norvell continued with the disrespect according to Prime:

"I sat down with ESPN today. And I don’t care if they hear it in Boulder." Norvell further stated. "I told them, ‘I took my hat off, and I took my glasses off.’ And I said, ‘When I talk to grown-ups, I take my hat and my glasses off.’ That’s what my mother taught me. They’re not going to like us no matter what we say or do. It doesn’t matter. So, let’s go up there and play."

Sanders responded on Thursday:

"Why would you want to talk about us when we don’t talk about nobody? All we do is go out here, work our butts off, and do our jobs on Saturday. But when they give us ammunition … they done messed around and made it, what?"


Norvell tried walking back his comments, according to Sanders who said it was too late.

This should be a highly entertaining game that draws the most viewers of any NCAA game over the weekend.

In their first two games under his CU regime, each of his prime time young ballers have personally roamed the plains of the playing field at the foot of the Rocky Mountains extremely hard, fast and angry with the receipts to show it.

Why an opposing coach would give them bulletin board chips is beyond this sportswriter. And I am a sportswriter, just saying.

Don't make it personal.


Personally, I believe the Buffaloes (2-0) will stampede over the Rams (0-1). CSU lost to Washington State, a PAC-12 school like CU by a score of 50-24 in the season opener.

Colorado will put up a double nickel 55 points against CSU.

Shedeur Sanders will pass for over 400 yards and at least three more touchdowns.

Travis Hunter will have at least one touchdown receiving, plus an interception that might be an early pick-six.

More people will watch this game than any NFL matchup over the weekend.



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