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EMERGENCY UPDATE: Is Saudi Arabia Israel's Holy Grail for peace with Palestine and the Muslim world?

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu obviously views the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the “holy grail” for the Land of Israel's growing peace and normalization outreach efforts to the Arab and Muslim world. Whether or not he is right remains to be seen.

But Mr. Netanyahu remains optimistic that an international domino effect will follow after the so far elusive normalization agreement that he so yearns for with the Kingdom has been reached. He hopes that the dominoes will fall in a line leading to the ultimate, historic and prophetic breakthrough peace agreement between longtime Holy Land rivals Israel and the Palestine Authority.

Exactly What is a Holy Grail?

The Holy Grail is defined in Great Britain and Brittany's extensive body of medieval literature and mythological timber associated with legendary royalty and stalwarts including King Arthur. Various conventions describe the Holy Grail as a cup, dish, or stone with miraculous and infinite healing powers. Later, any elusive object or goal of magnificent importance became perceived as a "holy grail" by those throughout the world striving for such.

Interestingly, Great Britain was the overseer of Palestine from which the Land of Israel was reborn and declared independent in 1948. Britain has not been involved in the recent Arab-Israel peace movement by way of the Abraham accords - at least not to a publicly relevant extent.

Since the signing of the former U.S. President Donald Trump-brokered Abraham Accords in 2020, Mr. Netanyahu has consistently expressed his desire to normalize relations with Saudi Arabia. However, experts agree that there is no guarantee that a detente between Israel and Saudi will "effectively end the Arab-Israel conflict" as Netanyahu has publicly stated and often been quoted.

In fact, scholars say that the Holy Bible reveals that this particular conflict will only be resolved with the return of Jesus Christ, who will establish the perfect and everlasting Kingdom of God to supersede world history's imperfect and temporary government of man.

Many Christian observers carry the sentiment that if reaching a rapprochement with Saudi Arabia really does cause the firewall of peace to thaw the icy relationship between Israel and Palestine, then let the thawing begin - holy grail or not.

Christians often shun labeling anything Holy that is outside of Almighty God's standards for what is holy, which does not include mythology, idols or paganism. A Holy Grail may be seen as an object of worship or an idol - something Christians shun with ferocious consistency.



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