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EU High Representative and VP Borrell: Neither the Israelis nor Palestinians are peace-ready

Above: EU High Representative and Vice President Joseph Borrell speaks at G7 2022 in Germany

JERUSALEM (CC) - European Union Foreign Policy chief Josep Borrell drew the recent ire of new government officials in Israel after he posted an opinion article on the website "Project Syndicate" earlier this month, declaring in part that “neither the Israeli side nor the Palestinian side is ready for peace.”

One anonymous Israel official let the world know that Borrell is not really welcome to visit Israel right now, due to some of his other remarks in the same opinion piece at the above mentioned website.

Undeterred, Borrell is bent on bringing international peace to Israel.

Perhaps he realizes that the movement and momentum to get the Arabs and Israelis to talk peace within a face-to-face framework has never been stronger in history.

Borrell is spearheading only one of the many international factions and coalitions now attempting to get the Islamic and Jewish sides together, with each faction jockeying to be the one to get the deal done.

In an effort to find ways to bring the Israelis and Palestinians together at the peace table, he met in February with His Highness Prince Faisal bin Farhan, Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and with Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Mr. Aboul Gheit.

According to the EU's diplomatic service, the tripartite coalition discussed the Middle East Peace Process, the increasing number of victims of violence, conflict and occupation, and the absence of a political perspective for a peaceful solution.

They also agreed to explore ways to revive and safeguard the prospect of the two-State solution and to achieve a just, comprehensive and lasting peace, freedom, security, recognition, equal rights and prosperity for all peoples affected by the ongoing conflict, according to internationally-recognized parameters and the Arab Peace Initiative. They agreed to reach out to international and regional partners to this end.

Borrell may be in a race against China, the United States, Russia and the United Nations, who have all offered to help mediate and facilitate the Israel-Palestine peace process.

Some three years after former President Donald Trump's historic Abraham Accords, China became a major player in the Middle East detente scene after their surprise brokering and hosting of the recent Saudi-Islamic Republic of Iran rapprochement.

Saudi and Iran had been at odds for some seven years, following the Saudi's execution of a Shiite cleric that sparked vehement protests from the Iranian side.

The two Middle East and Persian Gulf powers are supporting opposite sides in the long-running Yemen civil war between the government and the Ansar Allah Houthi rebels.

Many Christians look forward to the day when the Israel-Palestine Cold War ends and rapprochement is announced, for prophetic reasons.

Because a signing of a seven-year peace deal means the countdown has begun for the return of Jesus Christ and His Judgement day, according to interpretations of Daniel's 70 Weeks prophecy.

The Israelis have been at war with the Arab world, either cold, warm or hot, for well over 70 years: since the 1940's when the nation of Israel was reestablished.

Borrell earlier this month established himself as a persona non grata among some named Israeli officials such as Eli Cohen.

The facts are that Borrell's exasperated tone sounded rather accusatory and fed-up, like most of the world sounds when discussing the frankly bitter and overdrawn peace process Israel and Palestine have long engaged in.

Yet Borrell was in fact expressing the views of many international peace observers.

But the light is brighter at the end of the Arab-Israel peace tunnel than ever before.

Christian Commander is here to keep watching and reporting.




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