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EXHORTATION: To the fallen Christian Soldier: What happened to your discipline and your positivity?

My fellow Christian soldier.

What in the world happened to you, beloved?

You were known for being a very positive individual. You had discipline. You did not succumb to the wiles of the Devil.

Then all of a sudden you started drinking the devil's soup, witch's brew, smoking and melting your head to the point of losing contact with the Holy Spirit.

In days past you were a much different person. Now you cannot even recognize yourself. You lay in bed wondering what happened to you, wondering if you are having some kind of out of body experience:

"Is this really me?" you ask yourself as you toss and turn on your bed at night while being tormented by the powers of darkness.

You just lay there sleepless night after night, knowing it is coming but doing nothing to stop it.

You ask God for help but he leaves you to your own devices in a test of struggle like you have never seen before.

You tell yourself that you cannot do anything right. You see the negative in everything and people notice the change in you.

You used to believe and say, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Then you remembered that it is the Lord who strengthens you. That you did not forget how to fight back to make the Devil flee.

You vowed to overcome the temptations that Satan put in front of you.

You kept the faith, strength and endurance like a disciplined soldier.

And that is what you are, beloved: a disciplined soldier of Christ.

Put back on the whole armor of God, start overcoming, start rejoicing in the test of faith that God has given you.

Overcome by praying unceasingly to the Lord, thinking positive, regaining your discipline and refusing to let the powers of darkness overcome your very being.

Starting right here right now.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

The good fight beloved.



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