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EXPOSING UGLY JEWISH SECRETS: Here is why 'orthodox' Jews despise Messianic Jews, Christian Jews

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK CITY - 2015/08/21: Members of Chabad Lubavitch stand just a few feet away from the messianic missionaries from the "Awake O Israel" organization who were attempting to persuade passersby that believing in Jesus is consistent with Judaism. (Photo by Andy Katz/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Many "orthodox" Jewish people are concerned that the growing Messianic Jewish movement will someday make the orthodox obsolete in Israel. So they energetically try to keep Messianics down worldwide.

Not only because Messianics worship Jesus Christ, but because modern Messianic membership and the number of worship houses are skyrocketing. However, the Messianic movement is not new.

Jesus Christ is the definition of a Messianic Jew. All 12 of His disciples were Messianic Jews. He is the Jewish Messiah born King of the Jews, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Lion of Judah, Immanuel who was prophesied about in the Jewish Holy Book: the Old Testament (Isaiah chapters 9 and 53 for example).

Obviously the first elders, deacons, bishops and lay Christians in and around Israel were Messianic. They remained Jewish while believing in Jesus. They continued to observe the Passover, the culture and traditions without any differences.

Now, the difference between Messianics and the orthodox is that Messianics recognize both the Old and New Testament, whereas the orthodox only recognize the Old Testament.

You should know that the shining star of the New Testament is Jesus Christ the Light of the World. He is the New Testament: a living, breathing covenant of salvation, remission of sins through His sacrifice on the cross of crucifixion and subsequent resurrection, versus priests burning sin offerings under the Old Covenant.

Messianic Jewish priests are sometimes called Rabbi just like the orthodox are. Messianics sing the same songs of praise, teach the same Scriptures and oral histories as the orthodoxy - adding the New Covenant which includes the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Acts of the Apostles, the doctrines of justification by faith and the Revelation.

Obviously believing in Jesus Christ revealed is not in alignment with orthodox Judaism. According to them, Jesus is a blasphemer worthy of death under Jewish law. To them, He did not rise from the dead. He is not the Messiah, much less the Son of God and definitely not Almighty God.

Hence, the ugly conflict that threatens to boil over into public persecution and violent attacks against Messianics in lawful Israel.

The Law of Return was passed on 5 July 1950, granting people with one or more Jewish grandparents, and their spouses the right to relocate to Israel and acquire Israeli citizenship. As of today, the Law forbids almost all Messianics from immigrating to Israel as natural Jews.

These are the ugly, not-so-well kept secrets in Judaism.



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