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Free Sunday Fun Day Inspiration and Exhortation Lyrical Poem Series: Suddenly the Sun

Suddenly the Sun

Suddenly the sun is the thing to be

The Almighty's electromagnetic rays brings peace to me

Absence makes the heart grow fonder for me

Suddenly the sun is the thing to be

The Gray cloud style stayed down like a mood

But now sunshine back in the groove

after months out of fashion finally got some action

Suddenly the sun popped out and stayed all day

For longer than awhile soaked up some sun rays

Like ancient days election

Plus Aqua blue patio vision on the precept of perfection

Man my heart is sealed with the zeal of satisfaction

Time, it's time, time for some action

Tracking Sun rays throughout the days as my guitar plays

Suddenly the son is the thing to win

Closer than a brother more than a friend

God in nature not nature as the Soul Almighty

Suddenly poppin' out like a cloud with the Almighty

Suddenly the sun is a brand new toy

Suddenly poppin' out like a mighty cloud of joy

Copyright 2023 Christian Commander



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