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How To Ask Christ His Majesty For Help, To Lean On Jesus When You're Not Strong

Here is one way to ask Jesus for help: Go find a quiet space, where nobody can hear you, and just holler out to the Lord: "Help!"

It is quite all right to ask the Lord for help. Life can be a struggle. He will help you overcome your struggles, according to His will and timeline.

"And shall God not avenge His own elect who cry out day and night to Him, though He bears long with them?" (Luke 18:7)

Jesus said in the Book of Revelation:

"To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne." (Rev. 3:21)

"He who overcomes, I will make him a pillar in the temple of My God, and he shall go out no more. I will write on him the name of My God and the name of the city of My God, the New Jerusalem, which comes down out of heaven from My God. And I will write on him my new name." (Revelation 3:12)

He may not come to help you when you want Him to, but He will come when you need Him. He's always on time - His time.

Just remember that it is not about you. It is about Him helping you in the time frame that He knows that you need. Like the Good Shepherd that He is, He will keep your feet from falling.

The Bible says it like this:

"I will lift up my eyes to the hills — From whence comes my help? My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber. Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep." (Psalm 121:1-4)

King David said that he himself had never seen the seed of the righteous begging for bread. (Psalm 37:25)

Beg the Lord for help. Kiss His proverbial ring. Kiss his fit while He is sitting on the throne.

Learn how to get into the state of mind where you always lean on Jesus. Even if you have humans who can help you, He will help you when no one else can. He is our neighbor that sticks closer than a brother.

Lean on Jesus like a Father. He wants you to, like a Father wants a Son to lean on Him.

"Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28)

Yelling to God for help can also help your mental state by serving as a release of tension or fear after an overwhelming experience. It can refresh your spirit.

Yell for help as many times as you need to, especially if you feel yourself reaching rock bottom. Yell it until you feel your low mental state climbing up out of the abyss of darkness and despair into the marvelous light of God's heartfelt love and guidance.

Say a heartfelt prayer to Him.

You can drop to your hands and knees with your face to the ground if you are physically able to. Then praise Him! Thank Him. Tell Him, ask Him, beg Him for what you want.

Acknowledge Him as the one true Almighty God, King of Kings, Lord of Lords. Tell Him your desires. He already knows what you need.

Have faith that He will do what you need done. God moves on faith. He heals on faith. He performs miracles because of your faith.

Rest assured. You are not alone, beloved. Catastrophes, tough times, trials and tribulations will cause almost everyone to lean on the Lord.

We all need somebody to lean on. Just call on Him, ask Him for help whenever, wherever, however you need a hand.

The Holy Bible says, "You have not because you ask not." (James 4:2)

The Holy Scriptures says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." (Philippians 4:13)

Trust me. You can. It behooves you mentally to believe it. It behooves you spiritually by increasing your faith in God.

Strengthen your faith and step your prayer life up.

If there is something you are fearful or anxious about, either in your family, your finances, on the job, at home, at church or at school, then consider a change of scenery.

Look into starting a new and different career.

Learn how to better communicate with people. Strive to become a people person.

Find a study partner, even if that includes your parents, your siblings or a tutor.

Find a new and refreshing church home that will allow you to thrive in the LORD.

Say this prayer, or something like it:

"Dear Jesus, Almighty God, please help me to live according to your will. I know I am not perfect. I want to worship you in spirit and truth. I want to learn all I can about you. I want to be your child, and for you to be my Father."

Continue to confess your sins to God.

And confess that Christ is the one and only Creator, the universe's only Savior. He died for our sins and arose on the third day - like He said He would - as a sacrifice for the world's sins.

Allah did not do that. Buddha did not do that.

Only Jesus did. That is the Gospel in a nutshell.

The good news is that He lives forever more. He also gifted eternal life for those who believe in Him. He will provide for you and your family's every need.

Keep calling on Him. The prayers of His saints are like sweet-smelling incense going up to Him.

Holler, "Help!" while meditating on Jesus.

The Lord, who hears in secret, will reward you openly.

If you open your heart, spirit and mind, then believe that He is coming back to establish the Kingdom of God, according to His timeline, and that He will grant everlasting life to whosoever believes in Him, then you are on your way to becoming a child of God under the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lean on Him. Lean on the Gospel. And, as always...

Long live the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Jan 19
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Trust, Believe and have Faith. Lean into His everlasting arms. Thank you! Good teaching.

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