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Christianity 101: How to get rid of celebrity pastors

Get rid of celebrity pastors by getting rid of celebrity pastors.

They are media creations and not God's. I challenge anyone to show me in the Holy Bible where a man called by God became a celebrity in the world.

The prophets, preachers, judges, disciples and apostles sent by the Lord were in the world but not of the world.

Elijah was scorned and hated by Queen Jezebel who promised to have him murdered.

Jeremiah was despised by the Israelites. In frustration, he almost quit the prophet's office.

Pharoah hated Moses and Aaron.

Jesus was ridiculed and crucified.

Celebrity pastors are loved and welcomed by the world: the opposite of a true man of God.

I'm not griping about celebrity pastors but I'm griping about celebrity pastors.

If that sounds like a contradiction to you, then imagine how orthodox pastors feel about their celebrity clergy brothers and nowadays sisters.

A contradiction it is to be both a celebrity and a pastor. Celebrities are made by Hollywood. True pastors are called by God Almighty.

Christians are realizing that celebrity pastors are media inventions, so they are not listening to those preachers anymore.

Listen, the grassroots men and women of the local church should demand that their preacher denounce his or her celebrity pastor status.

Stewards of the church must start forcing their right Rev. to uplift the powerful name of Jesus instead of a name brand.

A preacher's name should never be part of the church's name or placed before the word "ministries."

There is a difference between a name like Seven Angels Sentinel Ministries and a preacher's name brand Ministry. The latter has his name emblazoned on the side of the building in big bold letters that grasp your attention especially at night like Hollywood glitz.

This blog is both an invitation from The Christian Commander and an opportunity for celebrity preachers to do better.

When opportunity knocks, then only a grumbler complains about the noise at the door. Some people grumble because they don't get what they believe is coming to them. Others grumble because they get what is coming to them.

If opportunity is knocking at their door, rapping at the window pane, then I believe celebrity pastors should use the platform for glorifying the Gospel of Jesus Christ like the Great Commission instructs.

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." (Mark 16:15)

It is very rare that you hear celebrity pastors preaching the Gospel on their television or radio broadcasts. It's unfortunate plus disappointing because that's a bigger stage than preaching to the congregation off the airwaves.

Jesus further instructed His disciples: "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." (Matthew 28:16-20)

Some celebrity pastors haven't baptized anyone.

It requires no musical talent to harp on something. When I hear the label "celebrity pastor" repeated many times it becomes stale.

When celebrity pastors get the fresh daily bread that Christians pray for then they should not grumble because it's neither Angel Food cake nor the body of Christ.

Here is my call for a movement.

I call all churchgoers to either turn their celebrity pastors around or get rid of them.

The end.


Reginald Spann is a lifelong Christian. He is the founder, Publisher, CEO and Senior Content Editor of both The Christian Commander and Seven Angels Sentinel.

Mr. Spann has been writing for over 20 years in various genres including a stint as Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report (2009-2012).

He also wrote and published The Healing of a Nation: The Book of Black American History (2002). He is a graduate of the University of Missouri Saint Louis with a B.A. in psychology and a minor in communications.

He is available for freelance SEO consultation, content editing, sports writing, politics, Information Technology and religion reporting in the AP style.

Please leave your requests in the comments on our Partnerships page. We humbly suggest using Google Chrome for optimized experiences at

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Yes. I agree. Idolatry when we worship them instead of God and money hungry.

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