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Israel Emergency Medical Service Honors Floyd Mayweather Jr At Miami Gala

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Above: December 12, 2023: Floyd Mayweather acknowledges the over 500 attendees at an event recognizing his, and other people's support of Israel in the wake of the October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks.

MIAMI (CC) - Hall of Fame boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, Jr. received the Champion of Israel award last Tuesday at the American Friends of Magen David Adom Gala in Miami. The honor was presented for his generous support of Israel’s emergency medical service after the October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks.

The event was held at the Faena Forum in Miami Beach and raised just over $4 million, including a reported 18 medicycles and 10 life support ambulances, part of “Floyd’s Fleet:" armored vehicles and emergency medical equipment branded with a special insignia to recognize Mayweather's support.

“I stand with Israel against the Hamas terrorists. Hamas does not represent the people of Palestine but are a terrorist group that are attacking innocent lives! I stand for all humans and wish for the safe return of all Americans and Israelis and any humans that were kidnapped as hostages during these horrific war crimes,” Mayweather posted on social media, along with a picture of himself in Jerusalem, just days after October 7.

“I stand with Israel and Jews all around the world. I condemn antisemitism at all cost. I stand for Peace. I stand for Human Rights! Terrorism Is Never The Answer,” Mayweather also posted.

The AFMDA's regional director said it was very necessary to honor Mayweather, along with others who have supported Israel.

“During these challenging times for the Jewish community, it is absolutely crucial that we stand up and recognize leaders like Floyd, who are not members of the Jewish community, but stand with us and against terror, bias, and hate,” said Jessica Nessim, director of major gifts for AFMDA’s Southwest Region.

“In addition to financially supporting Magen David Adom in its work saving lives, we also need to thank those brave enough to be there for us.”

Mayweather is now leading a brave campaign for more rescue vehicles for civilian aid in Israel.

Mr. Mayweather, who some experts believe to be a multi-billionaire, and whose nickname is "Money," has admitted through social media platforms that he is, indeed, materialistic. But, at the same time, that God is "first" in his life.

He has long been noted for giving back to the poor, while not wanting to draw attention to himself.

"For Floyd Mayweather its more than just nice automobiles, more than just mansions, millions of dollars. It's about giving back. I love giving back to the less fortunate. I give back to the public schools because that's what I come from, a hard rough life," he has been quoted as saying.

"The difference between me and any other fighter is they're talented, I'm God-gifted. God gives certain individuals gifts, and boxing is one of my gifts. I beat all odds." Mayweather has declared.

His critics, however, declare that he is misogynistic and worships himself.

The pugilist opened his own gentleman's club in Las Vegas in 2018. He is also known for going out of his way to look very rich, while flaunting his lady friends, private jets, automobiles, clothes, jewelry and mansions.

He does not drink alcohol, smoke tobacco or do drugs.

Like Mayweather, all sober and true Christians stand with and bless Israel: the land where Almighty God picked to eternally put His name, via Jerusalem.

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Dec 20, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Very interesting and informative article.

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