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Israel-Hamas war boils over: rallies, demonstrations, protests, arrests spill across the U.S.

Los Angels - October 15, 2023: Pro-Israel demonstrators at the march supporting Israel's right to defend itself against terrorism.

WASHINGTON (CC) - Christians continued to observe, with keen interest, as staged and impromptu protests, rallies and demonstrations centered around the Israel-Hamas war erupted in Americas largest cities this week.

Largely divided along nationalities, religions and political lines, with Democrats, liberals, Palestinians, Muslims and Arabs supporting Hamas, and Republicans, Jews, Christians and conservatives supporting Israel, protestors, politicians and community leaders expressed solidarity with their respective sides.

While denouncing Hamas, President Joe Biden has shown diplomatic support for both the Israelis and Palestinians. His major political rival in the 2024 elections, former President Donald Trump, has staunchly supported Israel over the years.

Biden visited Israel on Wednesday and confirmed America's long-time support for the tiny nation surrounded by big enemies, a stance that many people did not take for granted. The Biden administration has also supported Israel's staunchest enemy, Iran, with billions of dollars that many claim amounts to "blood money."

Intelligence experts claim that Iran is the major supplier of money and weaponry to both Hamas and Hezbollah, two organizations that America has designated as terrorists, and who are now fighting against Israel in a war for the ages.

In Washington, on the same day that Biden was in Israel, Capitol Police officers arrested around 300 protesters, many of whom entered the Cannon House Office Building, demonstrating for a cease fire in the Gaza Strip that is Hamas' stronghold.

Israel's Defense Force fighter pilots sortied massive airstrikes, while their ground troops amassed on the Gaza border, preparing for what many observers predict will soon be an all-out assault-march on Gaza City.

Thousands of pro-Israel demonstrators marched, on L.A.'s Westside, to the Museum of Tolerance, last Sunday, while wearing and waving Israeli flags, and displaying large posters and images of Israelis and Americans kidnapped by Hamas nearly two weeks ago during Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.

Several other nations have also designated Hamas as a terrorist organization. On the other hand, several nations have declined the terrorist designation for Hamas.

Those in the middle ground may include China, Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Russia, Turkey and the Philippines.

Lines are being drawn and Christians are keeping watch for the fulfillment of end times prophesies, such as the Armageddon War and the return of Jesus Christ.

Christian Commander and our upcoming offshoot, Seven Angels Sentinel, will provide ongoing coverage.



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