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Israel-Hamas War: Israelis Claim Hamas Leader, Yahyah Sinwar, Is Using Hostages As Human Shields

NORTHERN GAZA, GAZA- DECEMBER 15, 2023: Israeli soldiers secure a tunnel near the border with Israel. The Israel Defense Forces say this is the largest tunnel they've found yet in Gaza, comprising branches that extend well over four kilometers (2.5 miles) and reaches 400 meters (1,310 feet) from the Erez crossing.

The IDF alleges the project of building the tunnel was led by Mohammed Sinwar, the brother of Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar and was used as part of the Oct. 7 attack, funneling fighters near the Erez crossing and Israeli border communities. As the IDF have pressed into Gaza as part of their campaign to defeat Hamas, they have highlighted the militant group's extensive tunnel network as emblematic of the way the group embeds itself and its military activity in civilian areas. (Photo by Amir Levy/Getty Images)

GAZA CITY (CC) - Multiple sources and recent reports from Israel's news outlets claim that military officials have pinpointed the exact spot where the so-called "ruler of the Gaza Strip," Hamas leader Yahyah Sinwar is hiding.

He is reportedly concealing himself in tunnels underneath the Gaza Strip's Khan Younis district. Israel's Defense Force launched an offensive, last month, that allowed Jerusalem to seize and secure Khan Younis. Sinwar, and other Hamas leaders, are reported to have grown up there.

Sources also say the IDF is hesitant to assassinate him because he is using Israeli hostages, taken during the October 7 terrorists attacks, as human shields.

The IDF's vexation is that an air strike might kill some of the hostages that Sinwar has reportedly surrounded himself with. Apparently, there is also speculation and concern that he might order the killing of hostages if Israel were to use ground forces to seize him.

Several hostages have been released, but many more reportedly remain in his captivity.

As of this writing, the IDF has not publicly commented on the reports circulated by Israel Hayom - Israel's national Hebrew-language newspaper.

People in the know have commented, including Israel's former Military Intelligence leader, Amos Yadlin, whose statement came via Kan public radio on Sunday.

Jonathan Schanzer, vice president at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, posted on social media that he had heard similar reports from “informed people” for weeks.

“The reports coming out of Israel over the last two days echo what I have heard for a few weeks,” Schanzer told The Times of Israel. “Namely, the Israelis have a good idea where Yahya Sinwar is hiding.”

“My assumption, although not confirmed, is that he is in the tunnels under Khan Younis,” Schanzer continued. “But what I heard specifically is that he had surrounded himself with Israeli hostages. He is using them as human shields.”

If the reports are true, and not just the fog of war, then this might explain why the IDF has not neutralized Sinwar. They are believed to have, very recently, assassinated two other very high-ranking Hamas and Hezbollah leaders.

Meanwhile, reports are that Sinwar, Hamas' terror leader and Israel's top target, apparently tried reassuring the hostages.

“Hello, I am Yahya Sinwar. You are the most protected here. Nothing will happen to you,” Sinwar told the Israeli hostages, according to Israel's Channel 12. One of the hostages briefed Israeli officials, who confirmed the story, according to the report.

One of the hostages, a woman named Yocheved Lifshitz, 85, who was released in October, said she met Sinwar.

“Sinwar was with us three-four days after we got there,” Lifshitz told Davar news. “I asked him how he wasn’t ashamed to do such a thing to people who for years support peace? He didn’t answer. He was quiet.”

The IDF desperately wants to quiet Sinwar for good. But they are willing to wait for when the time is right.

The time is right for Christians to pray for peace in the Middle East. It is also right for you to start living under the everlasting shepherding of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Make the right decision to worship Jesus as the one, true God. Accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the unadulterated truth that it is.

The IDF-Hamas war could be a sign that Christ is truly almost ready for His triumphant return to judge the world, to reign on His throne, to establish His everlasting Kingdom and to usher in the era of eternal life for His believers.

Christian Commander believes. And we will be here, Lord and Savior willing, to cover the Israel-Hamas war. Please check back for updates and breaking news.

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Jan 11
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Prayer is necessary. Good article and explanation of key leaders.

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