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OH HAPPY DAY: Deion Sanders puts the Kingdom of God first on Fox after his team does the impossible

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

"Thank you Jesus!"

Those were the first words out of Deion Sanders' mouth during the post-game interview live on Fox after his NCAA football team accomplished a task that not many people believed they would.

The University of Colorado Buffaloes traveled to Fort Worth Texas and defeated the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs - a powerhouse team that played in the national championship game last year but lost to the juggernaut University of Georgia Bulldogs.

Consensus was that the currently 17th-ranked TCU team would be looking to show the sports world that they had bounced back from the agonizing defeat, and was focused on returning to national championship contention. They were heavy favorites to win the season opener.

But the Lord had other plans for 2-time NFL Super Bowl champion Sanders who is well-known for praising and thanking God.

Today the Colorado head coach could be seen roaming the sidelines, consoling and exhorting his players while sporting a large gold cross hanging from a gold chain outside of his team hoodie.

Sanders also walked with a noticeable limp after undergoing toe surgeries, and reportedly almost had to undergo foot amputation over the course of the last two years.

The Lord used Him to show how much God can strengthen his faithful.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

That verse from the Holy Bible may have been ringing in Sanders' ears as the game clock ticked down to zero.

The Buffaloes were viewed by many college football fans as a zero before he arrived.

The team he inherited after enduring heavy criticism for leaving his coaching position at HBCU Jackson State University to go coach Colorado finished 1-11 last year.

The Buffs were thought of as one of the worst football teams in college history.

Sanders revamped the whole roster of players, bringing with him from JSU his two sons and the young man he referred to as his third son (Shilo and Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter).

The trio are among the best players in the NCAA and helped turn the fan base from negative naysayers to believers.

In a show of what positivity, faith and confidence can do for not just yourself but others around you, Sanders never once believed that his team would not be successful, even during trying moments of the game when it appeared that TCU might pull away for the victory on their home turf.

But Sanders rallied his troops time and time again as the offense came back from deficits in a back-and-forth contest that made for prime time viewing.

The Buffaloes won the game by a score of 45-42 in a highly entertaining test of wills.

Sanders whose famous nickname is "Prime Time" appeared emotional and on the verge of tears during the interview immediately after willing his team to victory, when emotions tend to run high for athletes feeling the rush of adrenaline and in Sanders' case, the Holy Spirit.

Thank you Jesus for using your servants to show your glory.



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