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OPINIONS & DEBATE | Gunfire at Lakewood should initiate TSA style measures at churches

Updated: Feb 18

I'll start this post with the argument that measures like the Transportation Security Administration's are now needed in Christian churches. Then, I'll present the other side of the argument.

Tell us which side you are on.

Every churchgoer should now pass through a security screening like the Transportation Security Administration's.

I do not believe it is intrusive to ask people to pass through metal detectors. It's for added protection against active shooters. There should not be any issues with TSA-style screenings as long as neither church attendee's nor security officers have ill intentions.

The push back against security scans at church might cause hesitancy among both the clergy and congregations.

Protective screenings are common at public schools, the courthouse and the airport. The Church should be more precautionary than anyplace on earth.

As the shepherd of God's people, it is up to pastors to guarantee safety during worship services.

I know that some pastors might procrastinate because of possible discrimination and harassment allegations stemming from screenings. Security cameras recording the process will help avoid those issues.

The TSA has an expedited screening program that lets approved travelers get through airport security lines faster. Churchgoers can enjoy the same privilege.

Churchgoers should not have to worry about shooters in God's house.

Muslims do not worry about shootings at their temples.

There aren't any shootings at Nation of Islam mosques because their security detail thoroughly screens visitors. Women are scanned by females and men by men.

Christians should not have to depend on off-duty officers serving as church security for a first defense against shooters. We know from the Uvalde school shooting that bravery levels exist in law enforcement.

Updating security measures to include entry screenings should be a required preemptive policy.

Christians are not supposed to live in fear. Pastors must act now to absolutely ensure the peace, safety and surety for their church members.


I'm against the argument that the Lakewood shooting should move all pastors to set up either walk-through metal detectors or hand-held wands at their church's public entry points.

Our privacy rights have been spiraling for decades. Metal detectors and hand-held wands at church are intrusive security measures that would continue the trend.

We do not need or want police pat downs at church.

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want for protection from the ravening wolves in sheep's clothing carrying long guns.

If I am shot down at church, I know I will be resurrected to eternal life as a saint who died in the name of Christ Jesus. Because that's the only name I'll be calling right before and after I get shot.

The bullets might sting, but "O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? The sting of death is sin and the strength of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ." (1 Cor. 15:55-57, KJV)

I believe today's Christians should attend church with a certain fearlessness like the first ones who stared down lions to the death yet refused to renounce Jesus.

We should be focused on the Lord and not on roaring lions seeking to devour us as active shooters.

Please do not say that I believe Christians should be sitting ducks. I do not.

An adequate security system including warning signs, cameras and armed officers positioned outside the church are strong deterrents for shooters.

I cannot verify the statistics but I would venture to say 100% of active shooters do a reconnaissance visit to churches before executing their missions.

So in my view some safeguard was missing at Lakewood last Sunday. That omission gave the shooter known as Genesse Ivonne Moreno confidence.

Moreno, 36, opened fire with an AR-15-style rifle but was quickly neutralized. The immigrant from El Salvador was likely possessed by a demon. The gun did not prosper against any Christians that day. The Good Shepherd protected his sheep.

Celebrity pastor Joel Osteen will likely get credit even though his brand name ministry reports to the Minister of Ministers: The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I have yet to hear anyone giving the credit to God Almighty for protecting the churchgoers at Lakewood.

The shooter made it through the first line of defense but ran into those sent by the Good Shepherd.

Metal detectors and invasive security measures will likely cause some people to stay away from church. The Church should maintain a welcoming vibe and open doors for those who need it most.


Reginald Spann is a lifelong Christian. He is the founder, Publisher, CEO and Senior Content Editor of both The Christian Commander and Seven Angels Sentinel.

Mr. Spann has been writing for over 20 years in various genres including a stint as Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report (2009-2012).

He also wrote and published The Healing of a Nation: The Book of Black American History (2002). He is a graduate of the University of Missouri Saint Louis with a B.A. in psychology and a minor in communications.

He is available for consultation, editing, sports writing, politics and religion reporting in the AP style and other freelance content work.

Please leave your contact and media requests in the Partnerships page at

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