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'Satan' made Hamas-linked terrorist rape Israeli woman

JERUSALEM (CC) - Manar Mahmoud Muhammad Qasem, an Islamic Jihad terrorist, admitted to Israel's Defense Force that the devil possessed him and made him rape an Israeli woman during the Oct. 7 attacks that launched the Hamas-Israel war.

The Jerusalem Post reported that the IDF recorded a video published late last week showing Qasem confessing to the war crime while he was being interviewed.

"Satan took over me, I lay on top of her on the bed, I started to strip her clothes off, and I did what I did," Qasem said with a straight face in what appears to be a small room where he stood before Israel's blue and white Star of David national flag.

The prisoner of war seemed to be in good health while confessing.

Qasem also described how he was trained for fighting on the Mediterranean Sea but was sent to help invade Israel along with a cohort, who suffered a head wound upon sneaking over the border into the biblical land that God promised to Abraham's descendants.

The jihadi said that he had continued the mission alone, armed with a pistol and two grenades, before breaking into a seemingly empty home where he saw a horrified woman hiding in a room.

He described the gutless details of removing the daughter of Zion's underclothes and what happened next.

"I started to sleep with her," Qasem told the Unit 504 team interrogator who had asked for information on what exactly the terrorist did.

After the interrogator pressed for specific details, the caption in the video indicated that the prisoner replied, "I raped her."

The woman resisted, Qasem indicated, "She pushed me, and it didn't last very long, and then I heard yelling outside."

He added that the rape went on for 60-90 seconds before the two got dressed and two other invaders arrived. He saw his victim's mother in or near the house just before both women were taken as hostages.

Then Qasem explained that he aimed and fired at a civilian man after hearing gunshots in close range. The lewd man claimed that his handgun gunfire struck the Israeli male's lower extremities.

He also claimed that he hurled a grenade at two other Israelis before escaping, and did not know if the combatants were injured.

It is unclear how Qasem was captured by the IDF, what his nationality is or when he joined the terror group.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad has been specified by the U.S. Department of State as a Foreign Terrorist Organization since 1997.

Ziyad al-Nakhalah, PIJ's secretary general who is now reported to be based in Damascus, was named as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist in 2014.

According to the National Intelligence Center, "The Palestine Islamic Jihad (PIJ) is a Sunni Islamist militant group seeking to establish an Islamist Palestinian state that is committed to the destruction of Israel."

The Middle Eastern nations having the largest majority of Sunni Muslims include Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Egypt and Jordan have already signed peace deals with Israel, and Saudi is currently seeking a normalization agreement with the Jewish state.

The Christian Commander consistently reports on America's mediation of the current detente talks between Jerusalem and Riyadh.

The NIC also identified the Jihad group as being second to Hamas in membership inside the Gaza Strip and West Bank.

The PIJ was established in 1979 as a wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Inspired by the Iranian revolution, Jihad is aided by Iran, Syria and Lebanon's Hezbollah according to U.S. intelligence.

Reports are that Jihad has offices in Iran.

The PIJ's al-Quds Brigades have attacked Israel many times, starting in the 1990s, and is known to operate alongside Hamas against the Jewish state.

Earlier this year Israeli officials showed a video to members of congress, detailing the alleged war crimes including rapes and beheadings committed by terrorists on Oct. 7.

The U.N. issued a report in March stating that there was "clear and convincing information" that Israeli hostages were victims of sexual violence.

The Christian Commander will continue reporting on the Hamas-Israel War. Check with us for original insights, news, updates and opinions.

To God be the glory.


Reginald Spann is the Senior Editor and Publisher of The Christian Commander. You may contact him through our Facebook, X and Truth Social platforms as well as via our Partnership page at

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Apr 06
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Calling on our Lord and Savior. We need you. Good article, Heartbreaking story.

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