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SPIRITUAL WARFARE: Enough is enough, Christians need a counter-offensive against the Devil

This is a call to arms for Christians to put on the whole armor of God and go on a Holy-Spirit-led counter-offensive against Satan's agenda being unleashed against faith-based family values worldwide.

We are in the middle of a war without a ceasefire, spiritually fighting against the powers of darkness.

Christianity and other faiths are under attack, being bullied into accepting same-sex marriage. Gender fluidity is being taught in public schools. Doctors and nurses are prescribing medication to biological teenagers to help them transition to a different gender.

Drag Queen story hours funded by governments. God's rainbow being used as a symbol of anti-Christian groups bent on rendering Christian family values obsolete.

There is an ongoing spiritual war happening right under our noses and we are losing because we have somewhat come undone. I'm not sure if we were shocked at the boldness in which the enemy attacked us, but we have cowered for far too long.

Christians are losing the war because we cowered instead of roaring like young lions. We became the prey instead of kings of the jungle.

But we are starting to regain our territory by winning some court victories because we transitioned to offense instead of cowering to the devil's bullies.

This could be a tug-of-war until Jesus Christ returns. Christians need to stay on offense. Fight the good fight of faith, emboldened by wearing the whole armor of God.



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