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The Holy Spirit Speaks: Stay In Focus With The Inaudible Voice Of God

Did you know that God speaks to us quite often, if we let Him? If you did not know, then please let me advise you that it is true.

The Holy Spirit, aka the Holy Ghost speaks to us with an inaudible voice that it would be wise to focus in on. It comes to us during prayer, while in worship service, reading the Holy Scripture and sometimes when we least expect it.

We need to recognize it as the comforting voice of the Holy Ghost: that blessed assurance that Jesus is mine. The fact that He, the Creator of the universe, makes Himself personally ours represents the awesomeness of God the Father.

The Holy Spirit is part of the Holy Trinity: God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. While the Holy Scriptures do not use the words "Holy Trinity," Jesus taught us that He and the Father are one in the same, and from the Father comes the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Ghost descended on Jesus, in the form of a dove, after He came up out of the water during the baptism from John the Baptist. Then, a voice came from heaven, saying, "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."

We're not schizophrenic. We don't hear audible voices. But most people have experienced the inner voice in us rising up and saying something, giving us wisdom, a warning, an expression or an inspiration.

Sometimes, this is the Holy Spirit. If you pray frequently and consistently, then you will start to recognize that inner voice that comes to us when we are in dire straits needing help.

Whether in desperation, temptation, or when we need chastening, motivation, a pat on the back or the giving of joy, hope and renewed inner strength, the Comforter is there for us.

The Holy Spirit not only comforts us, but also illuminates us and reminds us of Christ's teachings.

Stay in focus with that remarkable inner voice.



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