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THE MARYS: 'After the Sabbath, Toward the Dawn': an inspirational Easter Resurrection poem

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

After the Sabbath, Toward the Dawn

No man ever killed God

The Lord is not now dead

So why break you, your spirit upon your slumbered bed?

resurrect your soul, let Jesus heal your head

Arise from the dawn of your depressive dead

Jesus laid down His own life, just like he said

Fulfilling prophesy, then He resurrected from the dead

Remember how when after the Sabbath

On the third day toward the first day's dawn

The Marys received blessings from Him on easter morn

They went to His tomb with other women with spices on hand

And witnessed His Imperial Majesty's penultimate master plan

The lively stone made the earth quake to the core

His angels testified that he was risen and alive for ever more

After the Sabbath, toward the Son

Over death, the Lord's victory is won

His glory is snow white lightening

To the sepulcher guards he was terribly frightening

"Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus, which was crucified"

To the Marys the angel of God said...

"He is not here: for he is risen, as he said."

No one can kill God

The Lord is not dead

That's the Gospel, do not put it on the shelf

Day by day from depression fight to release your self

Pray, read the Bible, be sober, ask God for help

Listen to some Gospel music like "Jesus Can Work it Out"

The Resurrection and the life will remove all of your doubt

After the Sabbath, toward the dawn of day

May His gift of everlasting life bless you in every way

The Marys ran to tell His disciples with joy and fleet

That they witnessed the Lord God Almighty Jesus standing on two feet

So why break you, your own spirit and self-defeat?

Recognize Him in different forms and worship him without doubting even in your sleep

Long live the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

The Resurrection is complete



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