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ASTONISHING BELIEF: What does it really mean to have the faith of Job when God tests you beloved?

Behold, we count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and seen the end intended by the Lord - that the Lord is very compassionate and merciful (James 5:11).

Having faith like Job means to have unwavering faith in Almighty God no matter what.

It means that you never denounced Him after your friends and family urged you to curse Him and die to end your suffering.

Remaining loyal to the Lord even after losing your good health, wealth, material possessions and loved ones.

Through trials and tribulations you remained steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the works of the Lord (1 Corinthians 15:58).

This is the faith of Job!

Life can be beautiful, but when it is not then what will you do? Will you maintain faith in Jesus Christ or will you denounce him?

Before you answer, please recall that the refusal to denounce the Lord Jesus Christ displayed by severely persecuted Christians is one of history's most consistent facts and enduring reputations.

Your enemies know that you as a devout Christian will never denounce Jesus because the truly devout have never done it - not even Peter.

And of course not Job.

Who Was Job?

Job was a man from the ancient land called Uz that was somewhere east of Israel.

In the Holy Bible, he is described as “perfect and upright - one that feared God and eschewed evil” and “the greatest of all the men of the east” (Job 1:1-3).

Job likely lived after the flood and before the 10 commandments and the rest of God’s laws were given to Moses.

Instead of relying on God’s priests, like the Israelites did during Moses and Aaron’s days, Job is described as performing priestly duties such as continually presenting burnt-offerings for the remission of his sons’ sins.

Sound familiar?

It should. This is what the Hebrew Israelite priests did for the Jewish people and what Jesus did for the whole world's remission of sins.

Job was blessed with an abundance of substance, financial security, thousands of camels, oxen, sheep, donkeys, many servants, 10 children, 7 sons and great faith in God.

Targeted by Satan

This made Job a high-priority target for Satan, that old serpent the devil.

Satan doubted Job's faith and accused him to the Lord, basically of being a faker who would bow to the Devil if his substance from the Lord was taken away.

Jehovah allowed Job to suffer trials and tribulations in order to show Satan that the faithful will never condemn God (Job 1:6-12; 2:1-8).

Job's Trials

Job ended up losing almost everything in a very short time, including all of his children at once due to a hurricane that destroyed his oldest son’s house while all of Job’s children were attending a celebration.

When told what had happened, while mourning Job shaved his head, prostrated himself, worshiped and blessed God instead of foolishly raging against Him.

Then Job's whole body was hit with boil sores.

Job’s Wife Tells Him to Condemn God

Job’s wife infamously urged him to “Curse God and die.” Job rebuked her, saying she was talking like a foolish woman (Job 2:9-10).

Job’s Friends Try to Comfort Him

His God-fearing friends tried to help him overcome his deep pain. They sat around with him for seven days and nights without saying a word - seeing how much grief he was in.

When Job was ready to talk, they reasoned along with him and tried to make sense of his suffering, even accusing him of sinning against Almighty God (Job 8; 11; 22).

In long conversations with them, Job defended himself against their sin accusations, displayed his great despair but also his awe-inspiring faith in God.


Real people in the times of the latter days put their faith in God like Job did - never wavering, condemning or disowning God and never cowering to the wiles of the devil.

The Lord tested Job but Job he passed with an A-plus – similar to the way Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus and all of the true men of God did.

In the end, the Lord rewarded Job with greater substance, more material, 10 more children and a very long life of well over 200 years.

Keep the faith of Job beloved.

The Lord will make good His promise to reward everlasting life in the Kingdom of Heaven to whosoever believes in Him.

Long live the Gospel of Jesus Christ!



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