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URGENT: What every TV or Radio preacher should stop doing right now

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Every wizard-like preacher on the Prince of the Power of the airwaves should stop lying right now, confess their transgressions, apologize to almighty God and to the people they led astray.

Right now.

Or what? Or be held accountable by Almighty God who has the power to relegate false prophets and wizards to the torment of the eternal lake of fire and brimstone (Rev. 20:10).

Some of these unscrupulous people actually preach that buying "miracle water" can cure you from sickness and resolve financial difficulties.

Stop lying.

There is no type of support in the Holy Bible for "miracle water." Quit selling the water you got out of your rusty kitchen sink. The miracle is that you got any water at all out of that crusty faucet.

Some of these preachers tell people that "planting a seed" - aka giving hard-earned money to the sponsoring ministry - is the quickest and most reliable way to receive a blessing from God.

Stop lying.

The Holy Savior does not delve into the money-for-a-blessing business. Only bold-face liars do, and have been doing since the days of Martin Luther in Pre-Protestant Germany.

Many, many preachers tell their listeners that God is going to swoop down and remove his believers from earth and take them to heaven at any moment. They call this the "Pre-tribulation rapture."

Stop lying.

You know it ain't no pre-tribulation rapture in the Bible. Yet you twist scripture to fit your narrative. That ain't cool. But God will show you what cool is after he freezes you out of heaven.

Some preachers teach mystical, esoteric numerology: That seeing the numbers 333, for example, is a sign of angelic protection from God. These are called "angel numbers" and have their own Anti-Christian genre.

Now, I've even heard someone say that the apple logo for the famous global brand has a bite out of it because it celebrates the Satanic deception of Adam and eve.

Stop being deceived.

Stop walking through the depths of hell with gasoline sneakers on. Repent and start preaching the real Gospel of Jesus Christ. We know knock-offs.

Long live the Gospel.

Seven Angel Sentinels mission is to watch and to sound the alert for the Triumphant Return of Jesus Christ to establish His everlasting kingdom.

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