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URGENT: Jesus-centered Instantly Inspirational Sunday Poem to Help Fight Seasonal Depression

Sunny Days Soon Come

Misty Morning

Don't see no sun

Got to get up out of bed and pray

Evil spirits to overcome

Got to read my daily psalm

Lord make my storm a calm

Open up the book of proverbs

Today is the twenty third

So proverbs 23 is the word

I heard that in Gilead there is a balm

Lord make my storm a calm

Turn on the soothing sounds

Gospel songs from way back when

Can't let nothing hold me down

Got to fight to get on my feet again

Can't give up, I'm in the Lord's palm

Holy Savior please make my storm a calm

I've got to keep on moving

The devil is walking around like a lion

I've got to keep on grooving

Seems like it is me Lucifer tryin'

Get thee behind me Satan with all your qualms

Lord Jesus Christ make my storm a calm

After the rain comes rainbow country

Just have to struggle through the gray

With the will of God I will never give up

Soon comes my sunny days

©2023 Christian Commander, Seven Angels Sentinel




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