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Violent Anti-Christian Jewish extremists infest a peaceful Messianic Jewish convention in Jerusalem

A horde of Jewish men from the Or l'Achim and Lehava organizations tussled with police outside a convention hosted by the Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel in Jerusalem at the Clal Center on Thursday June 22, 2023.

In 2022, then-defense minister Benny Gantz considered naming Lehava, and another group, La Familia, as terrorist organizations because of their propensity for violence and inflammatory rhetoric.

The Jewish extremists were attempting to shut down the convention last Thursday because they do not welcome the world's 300,000 or so Messianic Jews.

The MJ's are considered outside the fold by all mainstream Jewish denominations, who say the ideology directly contradicts many of the religion’s principals.

Similar to the Jewish leadership's orchestration of Jesus Christ's ostracizing, demonizing and ultimate crucifixion, Messianic Jews are also treated as outcasts in Jerusalem.

Who are Messianic Jews? Jews who worship Jesus Christ, as opposed to the overwhelming majority of Jews who do not accept Jesus as the Messiah or Almighty God.

For example, Mary, the 12 disciples, Paul and Philip are Messianic Jews - raised in the Jewish tradition and also expressing unwavering faith in Jesus Christ.

They combined Jewish customs with the first-hand knowledge that Jesus Christ is the messiah - the prophesied King of the Jews, King of Kings, Lord of Lords and Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Jesus was born into the world as Almighty God manifested in the flesh, a Hebrew Israelite Jew and a member of the Jewish tribe of Judah.

Christians, of course support Messianic Jews and consider them part of the Christian family.



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