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What Is So Special About Khan Yunis, Gaza Where Israel's Defense Force Now Has Hamas Pinned Down?

December 7, 2023: IDF soldiers in Khan Yunis (Courtesy of IDF leadership)

GAZA CITY (CC) - The city of Khan Yunis is the terrorist-designated organization Hamas' ground zero. The city's Arabic name roughly translates, in English, to "Jonah's roadside inn."

Including their supreme leader, Yahya Sinwar, the whole Hamas leadership grew up in the Khan Yunis area. As of Thursday, the city is besieged and surrounded by the 98th Division of Israel's Defense Force.

The Israelis reported a very noteworthy occurence:

Hamas terrorists are turning themselves in, surrendering, instead of fighting to the death in the name of Allah. For example, some 150 Hamas members reportedly surrendered to the IDF in Khan on Thursday. Footage of the large-scale capture was published on social media platforms.

Hamas' Khan Yunis Battalion is one of their two dominant companies.

A batallion is defined as an "army unit typically consisting of a headquarters and two or more companies, batteries, or similar subunits."

Khan Yunis, also spelled Khan Younis or Khan Yunus, is the second largest urban area in the Gaza Strip. Gaza City is the only larger urban community in the Strip.

Khan is also a main open air market center in southern Palestine.

Before being bombed into oblivion, Al Qarara Cultural Museum was located in Al Qarara, near Khan Yunis. Founded in 2016, the AQCM featured archaeology and history of the area.

And for its founders and the local community, it was a source of Palestinian pride.

It was destroyed by Israeli forces in October, after Hamas' October 7 terrorist attacks.

Now the Israelis have Khan Yunis surrounded, evoking memories of the Holy Bible's reports on the Battle of Jericho. Then the children of Israel, led by the Angel of the Lord, with Joshua as second in command, surrounded Jericho before breaking down the walls with trumpet blasts and then swiftly conquering the city.

Instead of trumpets, the modern Israeli army used blasts and strikes from their Air Force before ground troops invaded.

A harlot named Rahab won favor in Jerusalem for housing Israeli spies before the battle of Jericho. No word on whether or not the IDF has a modern Rahab to thank.

Reports are that Israel is close on the heels of Sinwar. Whether or not the Hamas leader surrenders remains to be seen.

This is an ongoing story.

Stay tuned to Christian Commander for the latest news and updates on the current Arab-Israeli war.



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