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Why Is Pope Francis Invoking Buddha? More Reason For You To Leave the Roman Catholic Church

What is Pope Francis doing invoking the Buddha?

He is attempting to rebrand Jesus Christ as a God who will allow humans to destroy the planet without intervening. He is also helping the elite effort to rebrand global warming as "climate change."

We'll explain.

As if there were not enough reasons for you to leave the Roman Catholic Church, to "come out of her" like Isaiah, Jeremiah and Revelation all advise us to do* - to leave the false church religious system that the Holy Bible calls Babylon the Great, Pope Francis provided yet another one last Sunday.

During his speech at an Interfaith Movement gathering held at the Hun Theater in Mongolia on Sept. 3, Francis twice cited the “Dhammapada,” a collection of the Buddha's sayings:

“The fragrance of flowers spreads only in the direction of the wind, the fragrance of those who live according to virtue spreads in all directions,’ Francis said while quoting the “Dhammapada” as if it were a classic verse from the Holy Bible.

Why would the supposed leader of all free Christians in the civilized world be in effect invoking the Buddha during a public ceremony?

Because he is not the leader of the world's free Christians.

That belongs to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and not Pope Francis. But the Roman Catholic Church would have you believe otherwise.

The current pope follows the tradition of all previous "infallible" RCC heads in that he is considered the leader of the universal church that sits at the top of the Christian hierarchy.

It is obvious that Francis is not trying to convert people to Christianity from among the ranks of Buddhists, Muslims, Jewish people, Shamans, Shintoists, Satanists, Wiccans or any others.

He desperately wants to reconcile with not only all Protestant denominations but also with other religions mentioned above.

He wants a one-world combined government and religion under the guise of stopping global warming rebranded as climate change.

Catholic New Agency reported that:

"In the pope’s first speech to Mongolian government officials, the pope said that “the holistic vision of the Mongolian shamanic tradition, combined with the respect for all living beings inherited from Buddhist philosophy, can contribute significantly to the urgent and no longer deferrable efforts to protect and preserve the planet.”

“I would like to reassure you that the Catholic Church desires to follow this path, firmly convinced of the importance of ecumenical, interreligious, and cultural dialogue. Her faith is grounded in the eternal dialogue between God and humanity that took flesh in the person of Jesus Christ,” Pope Francis told the religious leaders.

Come out of Buddha-invoking Babylon beloved.

*Jeremiah 50:8, 51:6; Revelation 18:4



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