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WWIII Alert: Iran attacks Israel, a historic first

JERUSALEM (CC) - On Saturday evening, multiple outlets reported that Iran's military had launched a direct aerial assault against Israel from Iran's home soil for the first time in history.

The drones and missiles were fired in response to Israel's alleged assassinations of two senior-ranking Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps generals on April 1. Jerusalem did not take responsibility, but Tehran blamed Israel for the deadly attack.

The IRGC members were conducting an advisory meeting in a Damascus, Syria consulate building when they were killed. Several other Iranian military advisers were eliminated in that precision air strike.

Fox News’ live reports evidently captured footage, from Iraqi soil, showing that several of the Iranian missiles' inflamed columns flashed in long lengths, suggestion that the weapons could easily be detected and downed.

The arsenal was expected to reach Israel in a matter of hours after being launched.

The unprecedented attack from Iran drove Israel's war cabinet into an emergency meeting, leading into Sunday morning, as the missiles approached the Jewish state.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to "hurt" whoever hurts Israel.

On Thursday and Friday, U.S. and Israeli intelligence expected that the Iranians would retaliate against Israel within 24 to 48 hours, as reported by multiple sources including the Wall Street Journal and the Jerusalem Post.

Reports were that the Jewish state is "preparing for a direct attack" on the north or south of the country.

U.S. support for Jerusalem seems to be ironclad, even though disputes recently arose over Netanyahu's plans for the upcoming Israeli offensive against Hamas in Rafah, Gaza.

The Hamas-Israel war has raged for over six months, following the Oct. 7 terrorist attacks against the Jewish homeland.

On Saturday, President Joe Biden Biden also attended an emergency meeting, this one in the White House Situation Room, with his senior advisors including Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

The president had recently advised Iran to refrain from a revenge attack against Israel.

Biden said in a one word warning to Tehran: "Don't".

Unnamed "well-placed" U.S. officials, according to Jennifer Griffin of Fox, said that the U.S. will not stand by idly without assisting Israel. This may include the use of warplanes to shoot Iranian missiles down.

The White House National Security Counsel released the following statement.

"Iran has begun an airborne attack against Israel. President Biden is being regularly updated on the situation by his national security team and will meet with them this afternoon at the White House. 

"His team is in constant communication with Israeli officials as well as other partners and allies. This attack is likely to unfold over a number of hours. 

"President Biden has been clear: our support for Israel’s security is ironclad. The United States will stand with the people of Israel and support their defense against these threats from Iran."

Biden, later in the day, posted a photo of the meeting, along with a statement on X: "I just met with my national security team for an update on Iran's attacks against Israel. Our commitment to Israel's security against threats from Iran and its proxies is ironclad."

Fox reported that the U.S. had shot down at least one Iranian drone headed for Israel.

The Jewish state's military resources were placed on high alert, and domestic and international flights were halted.

The nation of Jordan reportedly also shut down its air space, as it is situated in the region between Iran and Israel.

Aaron Cohen, an Israeli special operations veteran, told Fox that in his estimation "Iran had officially declared war on Israel."

He further stated that Tehren's decision to launch the strikes on Israel was "a big mistake."

He added that Israel has special operations assets in Iran, who are active and awaiting instructions.

Cohen also said that Israel's Defense Force had recently eliminated some 15,000 terrorists in the Hamas war.

The U.S. designates Hamas as a terrorist organization.

"It's not Israel's first rodeo," Cohen said, further predicting that Israel would "put Iran in its place."

Citing the history of the Arab-Israeli wars, he dismissed the idea that Israel would ever be wiped off the map: for years an alleged goal of the Iranian Islamic Republic and its proxies surrounding Israel.

While the Iranian missile attack unfolded, Israel's Home Front Command advised its citizens in the Negev desert, the small city of Eilat and in the Golan Heights, to stay near bomb shelters and avoid large gatherings of more than 1,000 people.

Millions of people reportedly headed to the bomb shelters.

Educational events were cancelled across Israel, according to Fox's live reports.

Incoming rocket warnings and alerts boomed in some sections of Israel, at around 2 a.m. Jerusalem time, as the drones began entering Israeli airspace.

Iran's government reportedly released a statement claiming that "the matter can be deemed concluded."

Evidently referring to the drones it launched against Israel, Tehran seemed to invoke a non-escalation stance.

The appearance is that the Islamic Republic's government is seeking to avoid directly involving the U.S., while not appearing to be too weak among its restless and disgruntled citizenry, and also to dampen the Israeli response to the drone attacks.

Iran's leaders, like much of the world’s, suspects that Israel is nuclear capable.

Iran's Middle East proxies are also engaging in active military operations against the state of Israel.

Yemen's Houthis, Lebanon's Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas, all backed by Iran, are currently warring against the Jewish regime.

Israelis seemed to invoke patience and unconcern regarding the Iranian missile volleys.

Jerusalem has massive man-made military capabilities, including one of the world's vaunted air forces, quite possibly nuclear war heads, elite tank divisions and a sturdy alliance with the U.S.

First and foremost, Israel’s remnant has the power and promised protection provided by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The Holy Bible contains prophesies stating that the world's armies will someday descend on Israel to wage the Battle of Armageddon: the war to end all wars, which also leads to the return of Jesus Christ.

These prophesies are readily searchable in the Scriptures, including the books of Joel, Zechariah and Revelation online.

This is an ongoing story. Stay in touch with The Christian Commander for updates, breaking news and special reports.


Reginald Spann is the founder, senior writer, editor and publisher of the Christian Commander.

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Apr 15
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Lord help us! Be prayerful that it isn’t the start if a world war.

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