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YOU BRING ME JOY: An Ode To The Lord, For God Loves You and You Beloved

The Lord makes me smile if I feel like frowning

If I ask Him for more confidence the results are astounding

Amazing grace how sweet the Proverbs

The world came about when God gave the words

Great is the company and I will help publish it

Let the world know the Lord's love how plush is it

Ode to God the father, Spirit and the Son

He wrapped His love around me and I ain't the only one

Forever grateful, beautiful the situation

You bring me joy, the grace is amazin'

You had mercy on me, my soul is sin

You renew my mind, make me bold again

Multi-factor is the Father, truth authentication

Steadfast, Immovable abounding in the nation

Closer than a brother, more loving than a parent

Loyalty on one thousand and the love it is apparent

Oh Lord my God, I put all my trust in you

You are worthy to lead and guide me through

The Lord is the only one in who I put my trust

I talk to Him way before the morning rush

Never disrespecting, I'm forever glad

I talk to Him like a biological dad

He gives me comfort, knows the right things to say

Chastens me when necessary, gives me what I need today

Daily bread whereby I put all my hope

I thank the Lord that I'm not strung out on dope

As for God, his way is perfect, the word of the LORD is tried

He is a buckler to all who in Him abide

Get out of line a lot but you put up with me

When I lose my light, your love comes shining on me

Nothing can get me down

Sitting on top of the world

Everything is going to be all right

Happy feelings on the swirl

I feel like nothing can make me blue

I feel like David who ran through a troop

I dance if I'm down, then I feel more rejoicing

What brings me joy?

The inner spirit of the Lord's voicing




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