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Christian Commander’s mission is to [1] Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ [2] sound the Sentinel alert for the Triumphant Return of Jesus Christ to establish His everlasting kingdom [3] To Counter the Anti-Christian and False Christian media, internet, broadcast radio and television [4] To Revive the Boldness, Truth, Morality and Zealotry of the Early Christian Era

          OUR STORY

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In seeking the Kingdom of God first, The Christian Commander was founded in 2022 by lead editor Reginald Spann. A lifelong Christian, his plan is to produce original content centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


The Christian Commander was established by popular demand due to the censorship of orthodox Christianity and the lack of true Christian content on the web.

We bring to Light what is largely untold or hidden in the darkness of the power of the airwaves.

CC was established for Christians who have grown weary of limited and dry orthodox options, amidst the flood of wayward Christianity on almost every outlet.

We were founded partly as a counter to Anti-Christian religious misinformation and bias in journalism.

We are not affiliated with any political party.


We welcome the respectful expression of views and opinions opposed to orthodox Christianity. We welcome honest debate and encourage respectful persons to honestly speak their minds.


We honestly believe in non-censorship of ideas, freedom of speech, the U.S. Constitution and inalienable human rights.


CC believes in your right to transparency about how our orthodox Christian beliefs shape our content, opinions, priorities and morals. We are Christians in the earliest historical and purest sense of the word.


Like early true Christians were collectively renowned and respected by Pliny in the Roman Empire for their utter refusal to curse the Lord Jesus Christ; even in the face of torture, prison and death, we are bold sheep of the Lord's pasture.

We close the fence between false gospels, false prophets, the false corporate church and straight gate Christianity.


With the Lord's help, CC intends on linking like-minded bold Gospel Christians and growing our staff all over the world, our support to limitless bounds, our readership and daily unique visitors to the highest levels possible.


In line with our goals and values, CC also provides links to Gospel Christian content producers; serving as an upstart Christian central for current events in the Christian world.

Located in America's Christian heartland, CC focuses on topics that Christian hearts worldwide care about.


Our editorial choices depend on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Holy Bible and the Holy Spirit for guidance.


We provide mental health guidance from a Christian perspective. And, we are diligent about making the distinction in our content between writers and posts from licensed psychologists, psychology students and graduates who have yet to be licensed.

Some of our writers have published wholesome secular novels, poems and other literature. With the flair for literary-styled writing, we are transparent that we may sometimes use pen names for posts.

We also post breaking news from a Christian perspective. And we cover Christian personalities in a wide sphere including clergy, comedians, politicians, athletes, entertainers and journalists.

Our content can be summarized as this:


The moral standards, teachings and commandments of Jesus Christ the Lord guides all of our content.


Almighty God is Truth and is incapable of fabrications, falsehoods or lies. Therefore, all of our content should be true. We welcome your corrections, comments, complaints, questions and actionable feedback.


We believe in excellence in writing, reporting and glorifying Almighty God.


We are bold and speak truth to authority and misinformation in the name of Jesus Christ. We know that some powerful interests will be angered by our coverage.


As Christians worthy of our hire, we are funded by ourselves, our readers, true Christians in general, by paid advertisements, subscriptions, merchandise sales and cheerful givers who ask nothing but the Gospel of Jesus Christ in return.

We offer regular points of contact. We are committed to communicating with you about the values, issues and events of the days, weeks, months and years ahead.


Every true Christian has a gift that contributes to the body of Christ. You may help us create, expose, develop sources, stories and features and to expound the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

JOHN 3:16 King James Version

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