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Chinese envoy says Beijing is moving full speed ahead to mediate an Israel-Palestine peace deal

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

China's top diplomat Wang Yi, center, is flanked by emissaries from Saudi Arabia and Iran [Courtesy Getty Images]

Building on the foreign policy success achieved by the recent, ongoing and developing Saudi Arabia-Iran detente, diplomats from China are moving full speed ahead to broker more peace deals, including an illusive rapprochement between Israel and Palestine, according to Zhai Jun who is Beijing's special envoy on Middle East issues.

"China will continue to make relentless efforts to facilitate a proper resolution of the Palestinian question at an early date," he said.

So in what appears to be a pattern of self-fulfilling prophesy, yet another Chinese official has announced his nation's focus on brokering an international peace deal between the two longtime Middle East enemies.

Before announcing the reestablishment of ties between Riyadh and Tehran this year, Chinese diplomats announced Beijing's focus on bringing and end to the war in Yemen that was supported by Saudi Arabia and Iran on opposite sides.

"Mediating for peace and promoting dialogue has always been a pivotal guideline of China's diplomacy," recently said Su Xiaohui, an associate research fellow at the China Institute of International Studies.

"So China's mediator role in facilitating Saudi Arabia-Iran's repair of ties has injected more confidence and faith into the global community and convinced more people that an issue could and should be fundamentally resolved through diplomatic, peaceful approaches," she added.

Beijing's state-affiliated media, China Daily, recently touted the international exploits and "extensive peacemaking efforts made by Chinese diplomats — particularly special envoys — who have traveled across the globe in recent years."

The Chinese government's Global Security Initiative was put forth by President Xi Jinping in April of 2022 and represents Beijing's "overarching blueprint for peace." China is expanding its number of envoys and sending them across the world to support the GSI.

Last Friday in Beijing, Zhai met with a group of officials from the League of Arab States. He visited both Palestine and Israel last month. President Mahmoud Abbas expressed to him then that "Palestine highly appreciates China upholding a just position on the Palestinian question", and Abbas's desire for China to "continue to play a constructive role in promoting a fair and early settlement of the Palestinian question".

The United States has recently become more active in trying to bring the Israelis and Palestinians to a peace agreement. In the last two months, envoys from the US have attended two summits held in Jordan and Egypt, respectively, that both included officials from the two neighboring Middle East rivals.

The competition to be the first mediator nation to broker an Israeli-Palestinian deal bodes well for Christians who are watching for a seven-year deal to be struck between the two Middle East parties in the belief that such a detente could help to fulfill Daniel's Seventy Weeks prophesy.



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