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Israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has expressed his desire to reach a peace agreement with saudia arabia to "effectively end the Arab-Israeli conflict."

Saudi's role now seems to be that of an elite mediator kingdom for the Palestinians and the Israelis in their long-held beef.

And there have also been reports that high-level aides of Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas have been holding secret talks for almost two months in an effort to de-escalate rising tensions in Judea and Samaria, aka the West Bank.

While citing Daniel 9:24:27, some Christians firmly believe that a seven-years peace agreement between Israel and Palestine will start a prophetic seven-years countdown to the return of Jesus Christ.

While this is an interesting interpretation of end times prophecy, it begs comparison to many disappointments caused by Christian visionaries since the mid 1800's who have very publicly, boldly and wrongly declared that the Second Coming would happen on a specific date.

Netanyahu's visionary actions since declaring to The Washington Examiner his feelings about resolving the Arab-Israeli conflict show that he is serious, in my view.

It seems as though he is definitely depending on Saudi Arabia to help in ending Israel's beef with Palestine.

The SA's have been adamant that they require a Palestinian state with east Jerusalem as the capital before finalizing any normalization agreement with Israel.

SA and Israel have also reportedly stepped up their negotiations on sharing military and intelligence information to help thwart their common enemy: the Biblical and dreaded Islamic Republic of Iran aka Persia.

According to Israel National News:

"Officials from [Israel and Saudi] held exploratory meetings ahead of the US-Gulf Cooperation Council Working Group gathering on defense and security in Riyadh, six people said. Three of them added that further engagement was expected to take place in Prague to coincide with the Munich Security Conference."

Whether or not Netanyahu can work a peace agreement to end the Arab-Israeli conflict remains to be seen. But I wish Him Godspeed.

And I wish you Godspeed.

Don't forget to check back with Christian Commander for the latest updates on the Arab-Israeli normalization agreements: the Abraham Accords.




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