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Are You Living In Your Purpose? Quotes From Coach Prime Sanders Reveal How He Is, How You Can Too

"This is a calling to me. This is a beautiful journey to me. This is what I dreamed of. This is what I told the Lord I wanted. And he gave it to me. The reason he gave it to me is because he trusts me."

Deion Sanders believes in Jesus Christ and is not ashamed to tell the world that he is living in his purpose as a head football coach by inspiring young men right now in a world where they are relegated to second position, a lot of times due to the women's empowerment movement.

Coach Prime Time, as he is well-known, is unapologetic about his role in guiding youngsters to Almighty God, and to be all that His Majesty the Lord has purposed them to be.

Many students and athletes choose the University they want to study at and play for.

At the University of Colorado, Jackson State University, Trinity Christian School in Cedar Hill, Texas those kids both chose and choose Deion Sanders.

He has led his Colorado Buffaloes to a 3-0 start with impressive wins over TCU, Nebraska and Colorado State University - the latter being an almost miraculous risen-from-the-dead comeback.

Earlier in the week, he said before beginning a press conference that the CSU game was ESPN's fifth most-watched ever, with 9.3 million eyeballs.

CU-CSU was also reportedly the most streamed game of all times. The Buffaloes have garnered 25.3 million viewers through three games.

CU is the fourth team in FBS history to start 3-0 after losing 11 games the season before. The Buffs forced four turnovers for the second straight game. The first time this has happened in 20 years, Sanders said.

On the verge of facing his toughest opponent to date while coaching in Boulder, Coach Prime gave an interview to Taylor Rooks of Bleacher Report - my old employer.

In my days as a BR Featured Columnist, I covered the Big 12 - especially Texas and Oklahoma. Never have I seen such popularity in a head coach.

He likes to have his quotes remembered, likely because he wants to inspire others and not keep his knowledge in the esoteric realm. Here are some of his gems:

Earlier this week, realizing that 85% of his players were not going pro, he reported that this past spring his team had the highest GPA in the history of Colorado football.

"I clapped with my feet. That's how excited I was."

In speaking, excitedly, about his beloved mother and the respect he has for her he said, "I would cry to you before I lie to you."

More from Deion, on the subject of Almighty God:

"In the midst of a crowd, in the midst of noise, I can hear God's voice, I can hear his whisper. So I know his voice, but not only that: I'm a father simultaneously."

"How can I get upset with anything that's transpiring? I'm not only coaching, I'm fathering and not just mine. I'm fathering a multitude of kids that I adore. This ain't work to me."

"He trusts that when you allow me to do my thing and to walk in my anointing with all the thoughts, visuals expertise and the knowledge that you gave me...Before they write the story, I'mma give you [God] the glory."

"God anointed me for this time, this season, this era, this moment. He anointed me for this. And to coach your son, and his son and his son. That's what God has anointed me to do. So this is my calling."

He ended the interview with a quote that has become a popular refrain:

"I ain't no moment. I'm a monument."

In praising his coaching staff, Sanders referenced one of the Holy Bible's most well-known passages, stopping short of mentioning walking through the valley of the shadow of death, although he had previously mentioned that he receives death threats weekly.

"The Bible consistently says, 'Thy rod and thy staff comfort me,'" Sanders said. "I am consistently comforted by a tremendous staff."

No coach can win games by himself and Prime understands this. Look for continued success in everything he does. Being inspired and led by Jesus Christ does this for us beloved.

Ask the Lord for your purpose and He will guide you to live in it.



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