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Celtics vs Lakers: Which team will break the tie, take the lead for most NBA Finals Championships?

LOS ANGELES (CC) - The NBA's longest-running and most renowned rivalry is going down as I write on Christmas Day 2023; traditionally one of the league's most ratings-successful schedules.

The Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers go heads-up in a clash of the top-two NBA franchise championship-winning titans: their first meeting of the 2023-2024 NBA season.

One has to wonder, like me, "Which team will finish with more success, in the long-run, and overtake the other one for an NBA-record 18th NBA Finals championship?"

Because I'm a Lakers super fan, I hope and believe that the purple and gold will overtake the green and white this season, and finally surpass the looming legend of the leprechauns from the northeast.

Taking the lead from the Bostonites would be another magic moment for Lakers fans, who once faced ridicule for decades from the Bostonians, but are now in a position to own perpetual bragging rights.

Lakers fans can then say, "The team we support raced all the way back, ran past Boston, and became the NBA's leader in championship victories."

By overcoming all odds, afflictions and adversity, with their victory in the 2020 NBA Finals, the Lakers tied the vaunted Leps for the lead in total number of NBA Finals championships won (17).

Surpassing the once-supreme Celts would be like the son overcoming the dad, or a little brother beating the big brother, and becoming recognized as the better player.

You see, Boston owned the Lakers during the Bill Russel era, winning eight meetings in a row, and still lead the NBA Finals head-to-head meetings 9-3.

The Lakers, however, have won three out of the last four.

The Minneapolis Lakers were the first NBA Dynasty, winning the first NBA Championship, and four of the first five (1950, 1952, 1953, 1954).

The first time the two franchises met, in the Finals, was in 1959. The Leps swept the Minneapolis "Blue" Lakers, 4-0 that series, for the first broomstick-dustpan in the history of the NBA Finals.

Los Angeles moved to California prior to the 1960–61 season, becoming the NBA's first West Coast team.

The East Coast Kings, the Celtics dedicated their own dynasty, starting in 1957, and dusted the equally mighty Lakers in the 1960s.

  • 1959 NBA Finals: Celtics won, 4–0

  • 1962 NBA Finals: Celtics won, 4–3

  • 1963 NBA Finals: Celtics won, 4–2

  • 1965 NBA Finals: Celtics won, 4–1

  • 1966 NBA Finals: Celtics won, 4–3

  • 1968 NBA Finals: Celtics won, 4–2

  • 1969 NBA Finals: Celtics won, 4–3

The NBA Finals rivalry heated up, again, throughouth the 1980's as Irvin "Magic" Johnson and Larry Bird entered the NBA at the same time, after meeting in the NCAA Finals.

  • 1984 NBA Finals: Celtics won, 4–3

  • 1985 NBA Finals: Lakers won, 4–2

  • 1987 NBA Finals: Lakers won, 4–2

In the 2000's, it was the late Kobe Bryant leading the purple and gold, while Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett led the green and white:

  • 2008 NBA Finals: Celtics won, 4–2

  • 2010 NBA Finals: Lakers won, 4–3

Now, Jayson Tatum and Jalen Brown lead the Celtics, while the NBA's all-time leading scorer, LeBron James, leads the Lakers - along with Anthony Davis.

The tandem that helps their franchise take the lead, in total Finals championships won, will not only set an NBA record for most Finals trophies collected, but will enjoy bragging, fan-taunting, hero-status rights for at least one year.

The victors may even get their jerseys retired or statues built some day.

That is enough to be enthralled, today, with this rivalry, as both teams are title contenders this season.

The Lakers won the inaugural NBA In-Season Tournament, the NBA Cup, by defeating the Indiana Pacers about two weeks ago. And would like to make it a sweep by winning the NBA Finals this season.

The Celtics would like nothing more than to prevent them.

On the other hand, L.A. would like nothing more than to surpass the "Bid Daddy" or "Big Brother" Celtics, while preventing them from winning NBA championship number 18 this season.

Stay tuned as the preventative measures are in full swing and in season on both sides.




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