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Instantly Feel Brand New After Reading This: God’s World Order

God's World Order

The sun rises over the hills, seasons still change

stars illuminate the night

God’s order remains

The Gospel gets preached

Health and strength maintained

The Lord still works miracles

God's order remains

Jesus shall return

Without blemish or blame

The Kingdom of God is forever

God's order remains

Mud makes brick, wood grows grains, iron sharpens iron

God’s order remains

Earth emits electromagnetic waves

The sun disperses rays

The Lord's people do not burn up

God's order remains

Wise papas leave instructions

mamas babies grow and sustain

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom

God’s order remains

Trees grow fruit, herbs medicate pain

jasmine flowers cologne the air

God’s order remains

Lilies cover valleys

Like Solomon was arrayed

The line of King David lives

God's order remains

Bucks grow antlers, lions grow manes

snakes crawl on their bellies

God’s order remains

Prayers get answered

Faith is sustained

Eternal life will be granted

God's order remains

copyright 2023 Christian Commander



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