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Scammers love using the internet to prey on Christians, especially singles seeking helpmates. So after experimenting, interviewing others and weighing the results, Christian Commander presents to you our methods of thwarting the evil doers.

A very good method of spotting and stopping scammers is to "red alert" them that you are either part of the authorities operating a sting, or that you will report them to family members who work for the FBI, Homeland Security or other fraud-investigating organizations. You can even invent your own names of scam-hunting groups.

Scammers fear being exposed and imprisoned more than anything. It is hard to scam people out of millions while you are locked up in the penitentiary.

What I have learned is that online scammers pitch themselves as the best at locking your love up and throwing away the key. They are like love psychologists, dictators who present themselves as the czars of helpmates.

To make it easy for you to keep them, they will present a virtual textbook of what makes them happy. All you have to do is follow their blueprint and you will have your helpmate in the palm of your hands.

They will instruct and indoctrinate you on how to turn trauma, torment or loneliness into peace and love with them. They will reward you with warm emojis when you start behaving like they want: like calling them "sweetheart" or other terms of endearment.

They will try to find out information about your children. Don't give it to them. Identity theft harms kids too.

On Christian dating sites, scammer profile summaries can be identified by their propensity to not mention Jesus Christ. They talk about worldly things, rarely if ever mention God and usually have only one picture. Finding love comes first in their profiles, not Christ.

They hardly know anything about God, especially His Word in the Holy Bible. They are weak on Christian tenets, standards and morals. Scammers will talk more about romance, cuddling, dancing, cooking and sipping wine than about Jesus. And if you show them your true Christianity, then they might address you as a "Holy Roller."

They will ask for your email address. And if you are foolish enough to give it to them, then they will send you viruses or ransomware.

They hold the English language under ransom. You can easily spot a scammer by their woeful English grammar that reveals that it is not their first language. They will text you long "love letters" that fall way off the mark of correct English.

While it is best to stop communicating with scammers immediately, true Christians can spot them, catch them in their dreadful lies and make them flee, like their father the devil can be made to flee from Christians.



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